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Iron Marshal: 7 Keys to Becoming the Strongest; Gain Gold and Diamonds

Sara Lau
Jul 19,2011  01:07 by

War is on the horizon, and Iron Marshals and Commanders need to launch a campaign against Poland, defeat their defenses and occupy Warsaw.

However, the first priority is to upgrade your Base to Lv 9 and complete the Blitz of Poland, as soon as possible. Then move to Warsaw to enlarge your force. There is newbie protection before Lv 15, so do your best to try everything. Ensure your Officers have weapons and Armor so you can complete the newbie stage smoothly.

There are 7 keys to becoming the strongest

1, Enhance your equipment.

A piece of your equipment can be leveled to increase power by going to the “Enhance” panel in the Shop.

Note: Enhancement success rate is equal to the current MP level in the shop.

2, Recruit New Officers

When you defeat an opposing general his officers will defect and you can recruit them to join your force.

Recruit them inside the troop panel. Don’t forget to place them into a battle formation.

3, Formation Adjustment

Deploy troops with high defense in the front to allow more time for weaker units to attack.

4, Choose a Formation

Each formation is different, choose the proper formation to defeat an enemy by analyzing previous players battles.

5, Destroy the core

Killing the strongest units first is the key to success.

6, Promotion

click the “Troop” or “Training Grounds” to enter the training interface , select an officer and training method to start training.

7, Research new technology.

New technology will improve your attack, defense and force levels using honor for R&D. The higher your R&D level, the more tech you will be able to research.

What do I do when I’m out of money?

1, Capture Wages

Click Base-Capture, you can gain gold and diamonds by conquering other players and demanding a tribute, upgrade your houses to increase your wages grade. Your market affects the probability of receiving diamonds, when collecting wages.

2, Supplies Trade

The price of supplies will fluctuate from 0.5 to 2.0 in the Market. You can buy low and sell high to make a profit, in addition, occupying an armory is another way to get supplies to use and sell.

3, Missions

Receive the missions in Mission panel, and gain gold as a reward for completing them.

4, Occupy Gold Mines

After selecting a country, enter the gold mine area and choose a mine to occupy.

5, How do I get equipment?

You can of course buy equipment from the shop. You can buy low-level “white” equipment with gold in the Shop.

6, Drops

Every time you defeat an elite unit there is a chance they will drop rare items.

7, Other tips:


Each battle will cost you one order, if you have no more orders you can’t fight. It’s possible to use diamonds to get more orders and every hour another will be added to your total amount.

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