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Islands of War

Islands of War

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Neojac Entertainment

Islands of War is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG that is being developed by Neojac Entertainment. The game obeys the rules of quest-driven gameplay, character-advancing mode and skill-tree-based training mechanism.


No one knows how the war of Cataclysm gets started, but the end of it is clear to all that the once integrated land of Talgania is broken into isolated islands separated by magical barriers. Then different races on their own islands begin to notice the occurrence of the mysterious portals that could be used to connect with each other. The initial traveling is quite unstable with outcomes unpredictable. And the first contact does happen between Humans and Orcs, which soon incurs a war over resources. But it is only a beginning, for the power of portals unavoidably involves more races into conflict. The curtain of Islands of War is drawn already.

Against the fantasy backdrop emerges the Islands of War, an adventure MMORPG developed by Neojac Entertainment. In closed beta period now, this 3D game is available to download free of charge with an extra 2D flash browser version online promised to come into being later. While the free-to-play mode allows players to finish all levels of character upgrading, micro-transaction can certainly buy advantages, such as extra character slots that allow for more than two characters or additional island packages that enrich one’s free collection.

To explore the world of Talgania, character creation will be the first step, in which race, gender and affinity need to be opted. Among these, race plays the most important role, for it decides an avatar’s basic trait, skill and combat style. Although the hybrid type is always available in further development, good begun is half done. But right now, players don’t have much choice in it, because only Humans and Orcs are available and other races will be introduced one by one in later updates.  This is more like Earth Eternal.

When avatars warm up in the initial guiding quests, players can enjoy the teeming quest system, which provides not only story-driven quests in great variety but also offers great freedom to players to finish quests their own way to bring their own endings, which will generate different rewards accordingly.

As a game done by players, players have great control of their avatars, surroundings, objectives of quests and also combat mode. PvE is accessible and PvP is also handy to allow guilds to fight for one’s own benefits. Apart from all these, there is also a Builders Club system that gives players liberty to create their own islands with the adventure on them and at the same time grants players rights to sell those islands, only if those are able to make into the history of Talgania in the first place.

In this vast world that is comprised by a wide range of landscapes worth exploring, what types of combat skills will be the key to get one through the danger in the adventure? Will it be the two-handed, single-shot rifle, repairing or reanimating Embalming, or the utilization of simple materials and chemicals known as Engineering? Play it and you will know.

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