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Jackie Chan: Martial Arts Legend

Jackie Chan: Martial Arts Legend

Release Date:  June 25, 2012
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  6Waves
Genre:  Social Game, Fighting,

Jackie Chan: Martial Arts Legend is a social Kung Fu or Martial Arts learning game on Facebook where you embark on a journey to become a grand master and compete against the greatest martial artists around the world. Build a good martial arts school, buy some decorations and attract them.


It’s never difficult to fall in love with martial arts. Well, what would you do if there’s a high chance that you can be another Jackie Chan? Now you may find the answer in this new title Jackie Chan: Martial Arts Legend on Facebook.

Jackie Chan: Martial Arts Legend doesn’t depict a mysterious warrior who learns the best Kung Fu, defends a city or a kingdom, and takes down every enemy in the way. Players can build this martial arts school out of an abandoned warehouse and the park next to it.

In this old warehouse, you have to clear things up: remove wooden boxes, dump plastic bottles, tidy up metal cases, or get rid of whatever that’s on the floor. The park on three sides of the warehouse is available if you would like to collect more materials. But that park is divided into pieces, which are available for purchase in cases that you are ready to expand your school and open more classrooms.

After accumulating enough resources, wood for example, you are allowed to transfer a room in the warehouse into a small classroom. Training equipment must be prepared and therefore you purchase stuffs from the shop, place them in the classroom and then complete them.

That’s pretty much what you do. But you would never have students if you don’t deploy decorations in your school. Put a reception desk, add some flowers and plants, place carpets and mats, and have a traditional clock in your lobby. In that way, you are gonna increase your school’s popularity and therefore will be able to attract more students.

Various facilities enable you to give different classes. There are altogether three branches of Kung Fu involved in this game: Kung Fu, Boxing and Karate. Accordingly, you can have three types of classrooms to offer responding classes. These classes require certain numbers of students, which means that you couldn’t have a class if you don’t have enough free students in the school.

Classes bring revenues in twenties, forties, or more. You can choose to teach any of the students personally to receive extra rewards. But after classes are over or when the facilities run out of uses, you have to fix them. And just like clearing any item nearby, that costs your energy.

You are not just a teacher of martial arts in Jackie Chan: Martial Arts Legend. You are also a student yourself. The classes you give don’t just reward you with coins. There will also be special items which help gain access to new skills. Learn Leg Sweep, Drunken Fist, or Forward Lunge to sharpen your Kung Fu; master Left Hook, Feint and Uppercut to prepare yourself for boxing matches; and unlock Side Kick, Hammer Fist, and Elbow Hit to gain advantages in Karate competitions.

After you’ve equipped yourself with some skills, you will be asked to challenge martial arts masters of Kung Fu, Boxing, Karate, Jujitsu and Muay Thai from China, America, Japan, Brazil and Thailand respectively. To that end, you should click the World icon on the right of the interface, hover over the national flag of the concerned country, select the master appropriate for your present capability, and choose the type of martial arts and skills you will use in the combat. In these turn-based battles, you will not be allowed to use the same skill consecutively because it needs time to cool down.

To my dismay, not everything about Jackie Chan: Martial Arts Legend is good. For one thing, the energy is lost pretty fast. For another thing, the classrooms, except for the first one, can be completed only with the help of cash or friends.

19 Comments on Jackie Chan: Martial Arts Legend


  1. Aleksandar says:

    How to get more classrooms?

  2. karlo says:

    how to erase account in here?or reset?

  3. PrzemysławPiechowski says:

    add me

  4. gagh=o says:

    how to change school element and i make duplicate classroom pls help!!

  5. Onyolo Esau says:

    Nice game keep it up

  6. Justyna Brudnowska says:

    add me

  7. Chris Phillips says:

    How do I defeat Master Tang on Kung fu Level 1?
    Ive tried everything. My health level in challenges is not going up much either. It's only went up by 2 and I dont know how I did it or how to do it again.

  8. bryan foong says:

    I defeated level 1 master tang using karma
    earning them , I go to my friends dojo and help him/her clear stuff, and then I will get karma, the kung fu ying and yang sign
    but no matter how many time I defeated him, he will always be level 1
    anyway how to buy classroom

  9. bryan foong says:

    any way can friend me

  10. bryan foong says:

    my name in facebook is bryan Nil

  11. bjorn says:

    plz add me

  12. bjorn duynslaeger says:

    my facebook is bjorn duynslaeger with a girl next to me

  13. phil says:

    add me plz

  14. michael says:

    add me and i cant beat the first boss any advice my fb name michael glemba

  15. José Grünewald says:

    who want to add me on jackie chan martial arts legend I will accept the invitation, my email is tarotdepepe@hotmail.com and name is José Grünewald, I have only few persons who are gaming it.

    Thank you very much

  16. brettdoggg says:

    anyone know the boxing level three teacher's quests? I can't get to level 4 because the boxes with the teacher and daily quests have disappeared. I'm level 5 on karate and kungfu, but can't unlock muy thai or jui jitsu because the boxing, neighboring, and daily quest boxes have all disappeared. Is it a game glitch, because I have friends that are level 4 completed on boxing?

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