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Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty

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Jade Dynasty is a free MMORPG game developed by Perfect World who behind many fantasy MMOs such as Forsaken World, Perfect World International, Rusty Hearts and RaiderZ.  The game was officially released is China in 2008. After the Chinese version has been successfully deployed, the Perfect World International team made the English version possible for North American players. Under the new title  Jade Dynasty, It began its first closed beta server in 2009 with the first expansion, Ascension rolling out. In August, 2010, the newest expansion titled Vengeance was launched.

Jade Dynasty: Delve into the magical world of ancient China

The free role-playing MMORPG Jady Dynasty has a large and rapidly growing fan base. To play Jade Dynasty, you need only one account, which you can create on the official website. Then you should download a game client, a file that connects you with it. After downloading and installing the client software, click the icon on your desktop and you will start playing the game.

In Jade Dynasty, there are  five dynasties involved in – adeon, Skysong, Vim, Lupin and Modo – and each of them  has different abilities and skills. Each of characters can rise a mount to fight in the magical land.

First of all, you are put in the tutorial interface where you can learn and complete  the basic operations. This newbie-friendly interface presents the most fundamental operations that you should know in the  role-playing  MMORPG Jade Dynasty.

At a certain level of your character, you need to join the clan or guild in order to participate in stage wars or serge wars. More specially, you can get some bonuses in your Guild. If you are powerful enough, you can then create your own clan and recruit guild members to support each other, which is the perfect way to make new friends.

Acclaim and Criticism

Jade Dynasty is highly acclaimed among Chinese players thanks to its relatively fantasy theme, and upgradable weapon and equipment system. However, some players also give their criticism due to the game bugs. And even worse, the developer seeks to maximum profits and makes the game more commercial with Mass Gold trading, which leads to the imperfect game balance.

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3 Comments on Jade Dynasty


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  3. Actual Player says:

    1. I quit Jade Dyansty . Basically F2P = money based game
    2. You aint got money for 15 Dollar sp battery dont bother playing
    3. You aint got money at all dont play
    4. Be prepared for classes that spam sp drain
    5. Gonna make a modo youre gonna need sp batteries .
    6. Most of the time you will be slept by classes that spam sleep even before the effects wear of of you.
    7. Get rdy to be stunned and sp drain by a class that can spam stun sp drain and high crit damage .
    8. get rdy to spend more money cause they just got the weekly new item in market.
    9. Get rdy for massive glitches and bugs.
    10.Get for drama .

    This game is pure pve well the US version zx is the best . That country actually gives you these batteries in quests that you finish.
    While the one in PWE prefers to charge thiere players houses for ingame content . The game is a rip off and offers nothing but new items to spend money on
    like lotteries that you'd be lucky to win if you bought maybe 600 of em you might win a 1st prize . The you have the fanatic who spen thier life savings on this
    game just to look good and buy off all jaden they see in banker giving otheres 0 chance to progress through out the game
    PVP in DoomBog is worthless the players conformist individuals who just love to socialize .
    Upgrading gears beg to dear God for better refine rate you will go broke ingame and out trying to lucky .
    Anyway play the game and see for yourselves peace of trash game with hungry owners they care more about your money then they do entertainment .

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