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Jagged Alliance Online

Jagged Alliance Online

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Gamigo
Developer:  Gamigo
Genre:  Shooter

The mmo Publisher Gamigo announced Jagged Alliance Online at E3 2011. In addition to UFO Online, Jagged Alliance Online is the second browser game that Gamigo will have launched later this year.

Similar to UFO Online, Jagged Alliance Online is a turn-based tactical game. It is free and playable in the browser.  There will be 60 different mercenaries in total. Among them are some familiar faces from previous Jagged Alliance games. Jagged Alliance Online will offer an easy entry into the game and what needs to be more for fast fun in between.

In Jagged Alliance Online, Strategy determines victory or defeat, so make sure you master as much as skills to win more battles.


Take control of a mercenary force, dispatch them to intense battles, build your own headquarters and fulfill a multitude of quests! Jagged Alliance Online, a browser-based tactical MMORPG, combines the best features of tactics, management, strategy and role playing brilliantly together, offering an experience like no other.

This game is the online version of Jagged Alliance series. You start the game with a tough band of mercenaries under your control. As a commander, you will undoubtedly lead your warriors to join in action-packed battles. But first of all, you have to equip your soldiers with powerful weapons. Besides, all mercenaries cherish their individual abilities and character traits, so it is advised that you increase their special skills with a targeted training.

From then on, you put your wisdom and courage to the test in PvE and PvP combat. It is also possible to cooperate with other players and attack your enemy troops. When you are in urgent need of additional mercenaries during a particularly dangerous mission, you will find support from your allies. A friend in need is a friend indeed!

There are countless missions to be fulfilled in Jagged Alliance Online. You choose the quests you want to perform and command some of your mercenaries to embark on the adventure. Along the journey to accomplish the goal, your warriors will be caught in cutthroat combat, which will probably generate some coveted rewards and items. It is not easy to lead your soldiers to victory, because the turn-based battles are extremely ruthless. To secure the ultimate triumph, you should utilize your strategic thinking to the fullest.

Jagged Alliance Online is also rich in management elements. For example, you select appropriate missions to your soldiers or lend a certain number of mercenaries to your friends. The latter also brings about some social interaction among different players. Besides, you also have a good many opportunities to cooperate with your allies. In detail, you can extend a helping hand to other players in distress and assist them in finishing demanding missions.

There are really lots of activities to do in this game. Immerse yourself in the turbulent world, take part in stimulating wars and fight your way to victory and glory! Anyway, join in the game and you won’t regret!

Update: Gamigo confirmed that Jagged Alliance Online will be presented at this year’s Gamescom. You can check the trailer to learn more about this game.

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