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Jagged Alliance Online Preview on Gamescom 2011

Aug 23,2011  05:08 by

On the Gamescom 2011, Gamigo presented us Jagged Alliance Online, a Free to play offshoot of the venerable turn-based strategy series Jagged Alliance. And to be honest, we are pretty impressive of this game during the EU’s largest gaming fair.

Basically, Jagged Alliance Online will play like the other series. But we were still pleasantly surprised at the first sight of it on Gamscom.

You will find a mercenary camp in the main menu where you train and manage your soldiers. It is also possible to erect other individual buildings which will strengthen your base considerably. For example, you can set up a medical tent where wounded soldiers recover under constant care. A bonus will be conferred to you as a reward of speedy recovery or success in dealing with critical wounds.

The mercenaries can be customized in details, of course, with well-crafted weapons and dashing armors. Moreover, there are many other equipments and items like medicine bags. The characteristics of the warriors determine their talents and skills. For instance, some guys can shoot targets with more effectiveness, while others may be able to cure their allied comrades. Follow your heart and create an incomparable character!

Jagged Alliance Online also boasts AI-controlled enemies who possess different abilities. And points will be awarded to only active a player, which means that if a short-term mercenary ignores his injuries deliberately and loses matches as a consequence, he will not earn any action points. The higher you rank in the star rating, the better mercenaries you will be able to hire. Ivan, the ablest soldier in the traditional series, is only available after you have obtained five stars. In order to increase the score, you need to earn success via all sorts of means, such as accomplishing missions and quests.

Besides, the battles in Jagged Alliance Online are not restrained within an island; instead, you have to explore boundless world map through which there are myriad sectors, and you can only complete one mission after another.

The shooting runs in 3D graphics and is turn-based. As usual, the mercenaries creep stealthily, shoot unerringly and move dexterously. The AI opponents possess different personalities, so you must keep cautious and give a deadly blow at the right time.

In addition, there will be night missions which are very challenging as the visibility is quite disappointing. Of course, many players find these kinds of missions exciting. Those courageous fanatics rush blindly to the wilderness in the dead of night, shoot nervous gangsters from a distance, and sprint from cover to cover.

Except for skirmishes against the computer-controlled opponents, you also have access to stimulating PvP missions in which two teams of players compete against each other and battle it out. For example, one team must protect a VIP, while the other tries to assassinate him. What’s more, the developers are planning to launch a co-op mode which enables players to tackle tricky issues with their partners.

Though Jagged Alliance Online is free to play, it also offers items that you can purchase with real money, which is actually typical of almost all F2P titles. If you are willing to invest some cash, you can heal the wounded soldiers faster with magic medicines or increase your defensive power with extra-thick body armors. Perhaps you think this feature will jeopardize the PvP balance massively, but during player-versus-player battles, we believe that the best tactics overweighs the best equipment.

In conclusion, the rudimentary content of Jagged Alliance Online has already left a favorable impression. As an example, its rich role-playing elements, such as equipment trade and character development, adhere to the traditional titles of the genre and hold a long-term motivation for RPG fans.

The Open Beta will be launched later in December this year. And according to Gamigo, the game is scheduled to be officially released in January 2012. Follow us closely to know more updates about Jagged Alliance Online!

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