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Jammy Dragon

Jammy Dragon

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  6Waves
Genre:  City Building, Farm

Jammy Dragon is a Facebook city-building simulator. The game starts with playing a series of flashed images that illustrate the back-story of the game: Players need to protect the peaceful village against Demon’s invasion. To do that, players are tasked with the objectives to sign contract with dragons that have power to safeguard the village.

Crop planting and harvesting are required in Jammy Dragon, but they are not attached with great importance. Players begin their journey with a relatively well-settled village and plowed plots of farmlands where crops can be harvested. They begin with wheat but can progressively grow others like cottons and tomatoes, also they can place land plots as many as they like, which are not limited in quantity according to any kinds of prerequisites like farm level or population. Plants and crops are also not expensive.

The game mainly revolves around taming dragons. This involves managing the happiness level of them. Players harvest well grown food from farm, fill up houses with food in order to harvest hearts from them and finally give hearts to the dragon to increase its happiness level. After it levels up, it will invite new dragons to the village.

Most city-builders on Facebook appear to be single-minded, but Jammy Dragon adds dragon expedition quests, which makes it relatively complex. A bunch of locations available for expedition are scattered around the world map. Each location has a star rating, reflecting the difficulty to accomplish that expedition. It sounds pretty cool, but problem arose when I was supposed to complete my main quest – to complete a one star expedition quest. Basically, each expedition quest has its own prerequisite to accept in terms of character level, dragons and items. However, without helpful descriptions enlightening me where to get these items, I totally have no idea which quest can pay me the required items. Instead, the game provided me a rather straight-forward way – pay real money to skip it. In fact, I could choose to get everything done by paying premium currency. I feel the way that the game presents is deceptive to me and therefore suggests a potential rip-off.

Although graphics are below my expectation, but everything illustrated in the game looks realistic. For example, I can give my pet dragon an affectionate pat and zap it, and then it will react to me accordingly. Buildings are also vividly animated. They did do some help to kill the time while I was waiting for buildings to finish construction.

Overall, I don’t think this game is worth playing. As it stands, it is simply a city-building game clone coated with an expedition system which is heavily micro-transaction based.

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