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Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride

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Jetpack Joyride is a 2D cartoon style side-scrolling action Escape game. It is a direct port of the popular iPad game of the same name released earlier for iPad. The game is inspired by those jump-and-evade style games available for old-day video consoles, but it adds the element of extreme speed to the standard platform formula.

In the game, your basic control is to click and hold left mouse to make your character fly up, release to make it gently fall down. So, up and down timing is the key to master the game.

Your character flies from left to right automatically in an endless laboratory-like scenario and the horizontal scrolling will speed up drastically as you progress further. You must control your character to fly through obstacles randomly scattered in the map. These obstacles include incoming homing missiles, buzzing static fields, laser beams and etc. Additionally, the game adds some other various power-up gadgets to keep it interesting. Players can find things like Crazy Freaking Teleport, fire-breathing dragon, gravity suit, mech suit and Profit Bird. The controls are also slightly different for those vehicles. For example, when you ride on the dragon, you hold left mouse button to ascend it and hold the right button to descend; while in mech suit mode, you need to repeatedly tap left button to gain height. But to be honest, because of their bigger size and weirder movement pattern compared with jetpack, none of them can last long although they look very fun. Anyway, staying away from anything dangerous and getting as far as possible is the core gameplay.

In the game, you need to complete various given missions and earn enough mission mastery badges to gain a new level. Those missions are things like “Proceed to a certain distance without killing any NPCs or collecting any coins” or “Fly XXX meters in the Profit Bird in a single session”. You will be required to earn progressively more mastery badges to promote to a new level. For example, you need to accomplish 3 missions to promote to level 2, but later you will need to accomplish 5 missions to promote to level 3.

The game design is really simple, but based on my experiences so far, unless you are hardcore video game players; otherwise, the play time of each session won’t last more than two or three minutes. Apart from evading dangerous traps, there are coins that players need to collect along their way. Those coins can be spent on various items like new jetpacks, outfits and other gadgets in “Stash” shop. A minor disappointment here is that most items are just cosmetic things, they do not enhance your skills or provide with any different things in term of gameplay. Moreover, through collecting Spin Tokens, players are able to play slot machine games after they die. There are a few prizes like “Instant revive” and “Double coin gain during the next play” are very useful, so just pull the level and try your luck.

Overall, Jetpack Joyride is just like most desktop mini games of this sort, players are easy to hit a wall and get tired of trying to go further. They do add in unlockable items which are earned though achievements and missions, but they don’t seem to change the game too much. You may get a few hours of game play for the first time, but you will soon probably get tired of it.

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