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JetSet Secrets

JetSet Secrets

Release Date:  September 2012
Publisher:  EA
Developer:  EA
Genre:  hog

JetSet Secrets is a Facebook-based hidden object game from EA, the giant developer behind successful social games such as SimCity Social on Facebook.

The game sets players in the role of a successful detective who travels around the globe with his crew and solve all kinds of mysterious cases. That offers a good reason for players to enjoy the gorgeous places across the world, including Algiers, Angkor Wat, Forbidden City, high-end casino in Las Vegas, Golden Gate Bridge and Cinq Terra.

Six modes are available in the game, allowing players to meet challenges of various difficulty levels. For example, in the Drift Mode, the names of the items to be found drift across the screen and players have to spot the objects before those words vanish.

JetSet Secrets not only fuses role-playing with hidden objects, it also embeds city-building elements. Since the detective is successful and rich enough, you have your own staff and as it turns out, your chauffeur, gardener, chef and guard all professionals in different walks of life. And as you build and decorate your own mansion, you’ve got to take care of their needs and construct buildings that satisfy them and facilitate your future investigations.


JetSet Secrets fails to overshadow recent hidden object games such as Seaside Hideaway and Rooms of Memory. Not even a little bit.

Hidden object titles that come out these days all tend to, or at least attempt to, dazzle players with realistic and breathtaking pictures while weaving an immersive story. And JetSet Secrets is no exception on that front.

It exposes players to pictures of renowned tourist attractions and tasks them with finding the hidden items as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the pictures are far from being satisfactory and though the items you need to spot are as clear as they can be, the rest of the picture is always in a blur, which makes it kind of painful to scan the whole picture for a long time searching for all the required objects.

It would be better if the items are all as exotic and unique as the attractions are. But the truth is, most of the things you need to spot are just ordinary ones like forks, birds, nests, planes and flags. And the attractions themselves do nothing more than serve as the backgrounds.

JetSet Secrets does offer several different modes where players take the same challenge in different ways. For example, in Spot The Difference, you must find the twelve differences between the two otherwise identical pictures while in Scramble, you will have to figure out what words the letters in random order might be and then try to spot the items in the pictures.

Different modes increase the difficulty and enhance the challenges but those modes have already been seen in previous games. Moreover, you have access to a few attractions and have to challenge again and again and again just to get enough coins for purchasing decorations so as to increase your Jet Miles and open up more pictures. Simply speaking, you are bound to revisit the same picture for a few times before you have access to the next one and though the mode varies, the locations of those items are never changed. The result is, in JetSet Secrets, the key to win is to figure out what the items are, not where they are, especially in Scramble mode. That is kind of ridiculous and could easily deprive the game of its exotic appeal.

To be honest, I was impressed first by the unique story of this game in which the elite detective has a team of crew and the members are all versatile and serve as consultants on various matters. Well, according to my experience, the crew does help make the story progress smoothly and naturally and the conversations among them are sort of funny. But the story is not immersive and intriguing enough to make the game itself tempting.

Anyway, what would a hidden object game be when it offers no original gameplay, no fantastic pictures and no excitement and enjoyment?

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