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JetSet Secrets Preview: Be a World Famous Detective, Spot the Difference and Solve Puzzles

Sara Lau
Sep 25,2012  02:09 by

JetSet Secrets is a hidden object game developed by EA. You will role play a world’s greatest detective in the game, and spare no efforts to collect clues in order to uncover the truths beneath.

The classic gameplay of picking out listed hidden objects is what you have been doing in other similar games. Besides the classic playing style, there are 6 other imaginative styles: Blitz, Spot the Difference, Scramble, Survival, Drift and Triangulate.

Among these styles, Survival and Blitz are almost the same, since the only difference is each object you find in Survival style adds 2 seconds to the clock. Scramble turns out to be challenging, because names of the objects are scrambled, and you need to figure out the right order before start searching for the objects. Triangulate attracts me most by its innovative rule: Spotting 3 of the listed objects to form a triangle, then all the hidden ones covered by the triangle will be picked out.

JetSet Secrets combines hidden object with estate expanding. It is the same idea in many other games of the genre. For example, Threads of Mystery also provides a villa for players to decorate. And the decoration scores will make it possible for players to enter new scenes. Instead of calling the decoration score “spirits” in Threads of Mystery, JetSet Secrets has named it “Jet mile” so as to fit the game theme. What is different in JetSet Secrets is that, some decorations are not only helpful in unlocking scenes, but also in improving the gaming experience. For instance, processing a kitchen lab can reduce the recharge time for hinting items. The higher level you upgrade the building, the further reducing it would provide.

Expansions in JetSet Secrets would take non cash players much time and efforts. Number of neighbors, trophies, expansion deeds and social points, all of them must meet the requirement. What if you don’t what to wait that long? Purchase crystals with real money, and you can speed it up. In fact, everything in the game can be skipped or finished instantly with the help of crystals.

There are totally 40 energy points and each scene will cost you 10 points to play. When you gain a new level-up, the energy points will be instantly refilled. Or you will have to wait 5 minutes for each energy point. That is to say, if you didn’t manage to reach a new level, there will be a long wait before you can enter a new scene.

The concept of hidden object finding is commonly seen on Facebook, but JetSet Secrets still shine in many ways, especially it combines a few mechanics into the integral one, delivering an all-inclusive experience of what makes a social hidden object fantastic.

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