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Journey of Jesus: The Calling

Journey of Jesus: The Calling

Release Date:  May 15, 2012
Publisher:  Lightside Games
Developer:  Lightside Games
Genre:  RPG

Journey of Jesus: The Calling is a Facebook-based adventure game where you perform missions, clear obstacles and help your friends.


Great game indeed.

Journey of Jesus: The Calling casts you in the ancient Middle East. Follow the Messiah, clear the obstacles in your way and help almost anyone you come across.

In this story-driven game, players have tons of small maps to meet with different NPCs, talk with them and receive various quests. Anyone feels hungry and you collect fish and vegetables and make a stew or collect pomegranates. If one feels cold, you collect wood by chopping logs and dead trees and start a fire to make him or her warm. Your friend’s son is getting married and you go to lighten the lamps, set the tables and fluff the pillows.

All those quests miraculously work as a whole and you seldom get bored. The quests don’t repeat themselves that much and I am always willing to accept new ones and be surprised at how unique and realistic they are.

Characters are typically “Facebook game figures”, big heads on small bodies, moving around in the bright-colored maps, serving as a lovely feast to your eyes themselves.

The only thing I hate in this game is its energy system. Have a conversation, smack a pest, chop a tree, tend a flower, and all your energy is gone, leaving you in no position to do anything except switching between the hometown and the current quest map to admire the different sceneries.

Comparison with Journey of Moses

This game proves to possess great similarities with Journey of Moses, an earlier product of its developer. With pretty much the same interface, Journey of Jesus quests players with running all the errands in each map, offering no excessive wood, peddles, flowers, or crops. For example, there was this map where I have to collect all the wood, search all the sand piles for items, assemble fishes, harvest vegetables, make a stew, start a fire, smack the pesky pest, and talk to every NPC before I have access to the next map. Yes, both games provide many maps for you to explore one by one, while granting one as the base. In Journey of Jesus, there is the character’s home town where you can go back to collect energy, fish, wood, flowers and some other stuff and also manufacture clays and jars in the kiln. National tension is intense here, too. In Journey of Jesus, there is this Roman soldier who is constantly involved in quarrels with local people.

Journey of Jesus turns out to be much better than its predecessor. You simply collect the usable items, talk to NPCs, and run errands instead of stupidly clicking each part of the floor to discover things as in Journey of Moses. The graphics are much more detailed and beautiful and you can now hover over the rewards to claim rather than click each of them. Also, you don’t have to click the floor on which an NPC is standing to chat with him or her; you can click the figure itself.

The new game, however, isn’t as good as Journey of Moses from one perspective-the energy issue. In Journey of Moses, energy comes in more than 70 and can not only refill over time but also can be replenished to some extent if you use the fruits you have collected; while in Journey of Jesus, you can only pay actual money for more energy or wait for the refill, which gives one energy in over 6 minutes.

16 Comments on Journey of Jesus: The Calling


  1. JOJ Team says:

    Thanks for the great review. We are happy to hear that you enjoyed the new mechanic of digging items vs digging every tile on a map. One tiny correction if I may. In JOM you collect energy (fruits) and use them later. In JOJ you collect energy (energy bolts worth 1 energy) and it adds to your energy total immediately. While JOM starts with 100 energy, tiles cost between 4 and 4×3 energy to dig. In JOJ each dig is only 1 energy (with 25 as starting energy). You also find more energy in JOJ compared to JOM. We are sorry it didn't feel that way when you tested. Thanks again though for the great review. We appreciate it. The JOJ Team

  2. bouvier says:

    je suis bloquée dans homme mystérieux avec andré qui ne veut pas partir meme quand toutes les torches ont ete alllumées. Quelque'un ppeut-il me dire si il a rencontré le meme problème et comment il l'a résolu?

  3. cricri78310 says:

    moi je suis coincée avec les petites pierres quand je fais les demandes aux amis ça s'affiche erreur!
    dans le bon samaritain je ne peux plus avoir d'eau pour l'ane les etoiles disent que j'ai tout terminer,mais le livre dit que non,mais je ne peux plus rien faire, merci de me trouver une solution !!

  4. Caroline says:

    Does anyone want to be my friend on Facebook so we can advance in the game better? Caroline Albanese Paul

  5. i like both games but i think that their should be like unlimited energy for this game cuz its really cool game and once you start you have ta stop and being the active gamer that i am i HATE that

  6. SHickman says:

    I've just started playing this game. I got to the part of making the jars & can't figure out 1 min while I'm making jars &the next I'm making bricks & can't figure out how to use them! Help Please.

  7. Freckles says:

    How do I get crystals in Journey of Jesus?

  8. chantal says:

    je suis bloquée, je dois faire des marmites mais je ne peux pas car 3 constructions requis

  9. Chantal says:

    et pour faire la 3eme constructions, il me faut 2 ruban rouge et 1 croix en bois, mais il faut aller sur la carte de pâques mais je ne la vois pas.

  10. Chantal says:

    J'ai trouvé, je peux faire la marmite, je devais mettre à jour l'atelier.

  11. indienne38 says:

    bonjour je suis bloquée dans st patrick's day 1 une dame me demande une soupe au potiron mais je la trouve nul par

  12. danielle says:

    bonjour moi je ne comprend pas je ne peu pas jouerle jeu se bloque pas moyen de jouer pourquoi j aie changer ordi et reseau

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