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Journey of Moses

Journey of Moses

Release Date:  2011/08

Journey of Moses, the first Facebook MMO that is based on a Bible story, is a quest-prompted adventure game that is made by Hexify, the same developer of another popular Facebook MMO of Legend Hunter. Basically, it can be played free of charge, but as always real money or Facebook credits can buy in-game advantages.

He was put into a basket to slide down along the River Nile after birth to avoid prosecution, saved by and raised under the care of Pharaoh’s daughter to grow up as an Egyptian prince, and chosen by God to liberate his Hebrew compatriots from the slavery imposed by the Egypt and lead them to return homeland finally. He is Moses, a biblical hero whose journey trekked from the Exodus to Deuteronomy in the Old Testament. And now his legendary life will be retold in the game titled Journey of Moses on Facebook.

True to the biblical story, this game starts right from the moment that Moses is picked up by Pharaoh’s daughter. Role-playing the very Moses, players will be able to relive his heroic life and set off once again in the journey to lead Hebrews to freedom, to homeland, and to God.

Based on the Book, Journey of Moses attaches great importance on texts that the main gameplay is generally revolving an alternate questing and dialogue-exchanging mode. As to the quest, most of them are deviant little from the investigation of different areas in search of want items, kind-of resembling the treasure hunting element. Quests being diversified, players may be asked to simply rummage a room to pick up suitable dressing for Moses in official occasion, or required to scare away spiders in your way to find important objects to open up new areas.

Be it easy or hard, all quests are around the adventure storyline and conveys due respect to this religious disciple. As an immersive social game to entertain, this game certainly does not stand itself out by the choice of the theologically charged theme, but by the skillful adaptation of grave, religious story into enjoyable, informative quests.

Are you fond of this cartoon-styled Moses with the two pieces of tablets carved with the famous Ten Commandments? If you are, enjoy the Journey of Moses and fulfill his or your holy mission.

6 Comments on Journey of Moses


  1. james says:

    cant get to do complete load on facebook

  2. patricia moss says:

    Hey…now,why can I not load up this game for a week when in the past I had no trouble…It did this since I excepted the FREE diamonds…I have tried everything…I have other games that I can play without trouble…I also have spent money for facebook credits,and you mean to tell me that I am going to have to delete this game…what a crock!!!

  3. andrea allen says:

    Been playing this game for over a month with no problem. Really starting to enjoy it, now it doesn't work. won't even load.

  4. Garry says:

    I could not play moses too but saw in a comment how to do it. Go to the facebook page of Light Insider and then on the right you look for Journey of moses. Click there to play the game.

  5. Please fix the game….

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