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Journey to the West Online

Journey to the West Online

Release Date:  2009
Publisher:  govtc
Developer:  LineKong
Genre:  Role-Playing

Journey to the West Online is inspired by the world-famous Chinese literature works Journey to the West, which tells the story of Xuanzang, a worshipful monk in Tang Dynasty, goes to the spirit mountian to fetch real canon together with his three disciples despite various demons and obstacles.

Yet this game would rather be an innovation based on the original masterpiece than a mere portrait of it. Many years after the canon was transported to Changan city, Emperor Xuanzong who is unduly satisfied with the peaceful situation at that time, gradually becomes fatuous and thriftless, regardless of those canon. Sakyamuni then is iritated by this insult and decides to give punishment to human beings. Under His almighty supernatural power which has divided all creatures into four parts, the whole world sinks into chaos. The feat of re-fetching the canon is required to be devotionally completed. As the saying goes, “Heroes emerge in times of disorder.” You are obliged to shoulder the responsibility and save all beings from suffering. Either to survive the ordeal during this pilgrimage to the west and attain enlightenment or to bring the whole country into your sway entirely depends on you!

The very moment you login this game, you would come to the interface where you can create and select characters in accordance with your own preference, on condition that at most four characters are created on one account. Detailed information is to be illustrated in front of you—the powerful, the brave, the beauty, the skillful, the talented…, just make sure you can reasonably arrange these personalities to get the utmost ou of them. Afterwards, you have to face with the difficulty of making selection among the four parts that have been formed by Sakyamuni. Be thoughtful and then stride firmly forward. Eventually, you will be under the jurisdiction of a certain clan within the part you have chosen. Techniques such as thirty-six stratagems, seventy-two metamophoses, skills of various types of combat are presented, and you still have a lot to learn and a long way to go before becoming the real savior. Perfect yourself with a robust and skilled body as well as a clear and sober mind. Always bear in mind, you have been on the way!

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