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Release Date:  2011
Genre:  RPG

Coming from Mail.ru, the largest online game publisher in Russia, Juggernaut is an F2P action RPG game developed on the basis of Unity 3D gaming engine. After quick registration, you can directly play it via a web browser. Although you don’t have to install the client in order to play the game.

But it has a few drawbacks – The tedious and long wait for the game to load the combat screen may drive away most new players. To avoid this and increase the game’s operating speed and stability, you may use the second option, which I personally recommend. You just download a small, just 265MB, client, and after a quick update, you land in the dynamic world of Juggernaut. Animations, character models, items and etc., everything is pre-loaded onto your hard disk drive. So you do not need to download anything during the game, which promotes the overall effect of the game and enhances the gaming experiences.

In the birth town, you are greeted by Instructor Akrilon, who will explain your role: As a new recruit of “Scorpion” mercenaries, you need to undergo an ordeal to test your skill and loyalty. Most players at this point may just omit the dialogues without reading what the master will say. But since the game heavily relies on storyline and dialogue, and your dialog choices will cause a variable change of plot, you need to read them carefully and choose your answer wisely. When you’ve somehow found out what to do next, you will perform a few introduction tasks and get your level up. You have to earn your reputation; it can be done by fighting against monsters that scattered around the mountain village. To attack you just double-click your desired opponent.

You can say that the world represented in the MMO game is pretty brutal. The turn-based fights are the main attraction of the game. Decent animations and nice graphics while fighting can absorb you, although it’s a pity that there’s only a few of animations. Of course those minor conflicts are not the only way to test your skills. From the very beginning of the game, it is possible to visit the arena in which you can hone your skills. You can team up with others to face off formidable living creatures that feed on human blood. Sometimes it happens that during a battle with the monsters, another player joins in. In most cases, you do not need this assistance, however, another time you can use a hand in the form of coving your back. On the other hand, mobs have the same mechanism. Usually you think it would be the final stab, but then you see a new beast with a full set of HP.

In arena, Duels with live opponents is even more exciting. Players are divided into two factions. One division represents Free League, the second the Steel Cohort. You earn scores by killing anyone of enemy faction or capturing an area. The team that attains the necessary scores and tasks is deemed victorious and receive heroism points, which can be accumulated to promote their military rank. After some time with the game, it is these battles that give you most fun. There is nothing better than a clan rivalry in the battlefield.

Overall, the game incorporates a unique combination of 3D combat, which can compare favorably with that of client based games, together with an engrossing dialogue and interface common with text RPGs. You can include it in one of the best available browser games and it’s certain that a huge crowd of players from all over the world will find something to suit their appetite in the game.

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  2. Casavir says:

    Are there any cheats?

  3. your momz mom says:

    hmm im bout to try this game out hope its good

  4. luciano says:

    e demas

  5. luciano says:

    oi ese eloco demas o jogo mais file mas o priston tale e file

  6. morti 1 says:

    ese jogo e omas file do universo core ta esgotam do e demas

  7. fk `u says:

    gila betul game ini

  8. jeferson says:

    procurem por mim lá: Malkaviano

  9. panu ung password says:

    how to do an password ..?

  10. es4x says:

    jzzz why its so slow in loading

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