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Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering

Release Date:  2012
Developer:  Mail.ru Games

Remember the freakishly massive military vehicles of Russia in World War Two? Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering again, through just a mobile game, challenges a human’s tolerance to virtual pains, physical or mental, personal or ethical.


Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering is a continuation work to the web-based MMORPG with the identical name, developed by Mail.Ru, who has extended its business to mobile games just lately. As in most of MMORPGs, epic is used as a synonym to tribulation, which is supposed to turn different bit by bit because of you, one of the mercenaries or scorpions as called in the game. After waves of monsters inspired all series from all types of geographical locations, you get the chance to look into the evil Sovering, telling him who’s more evil.

As fun as you can imagine about the collecting part, most of items to collect in the game are welcome surprises of great value, such as parts to form a magical armor, blue mana to fill your magic bar through to the next magic skill, and red mana to increase your shield capacity.


JuggerNaut proves to be surprisingly good. It quests players with battling monsters of different species in various places. Each place possesses several monsters and a boss and when you have defeated them all, you will enter the next place, or as the game insists, the next chapter.

In the turn-based battles, when it is your turn, several sections appear in front of the enemy. You are supposed to flip the green section to attack the enemy. Red section implies the direction that the monster is gazing at and if you launch attacks by flipping the red section, the monster can block or dodge the attack. You can also slide your finger on the monster in any direction you like, but that sometimes results in dodged or blocked attacks. Initial battles ran smoothly. As I progressed, however, the monsters’ HP values and skills outnumber mine and can easily drain my character’s health. It is then that I was advised to buy equipment or items for enhancing the performance. I ignored that anyway.

JuggerNaut sports various attacks and intriguing movements. The character acquires new skills sometimes after leveling up. For example, the fireball skill enables players to collect manas and when enough manas are gathered, players can throw fire on the enemy. Given the dazzlingly visual effect, the attack really looks cool, though not causing much damage.

In Chapter One, when I have done defeating all the ordinary monsters, I was confronted with the Boss, which is, actually three one-eyed little monsters who really excel at collaborative attacks. There are times when the three form a big ball and hit me, one monster holds a second and hits me with the second one’s head, the three launch magical attacks, or they give off special attacks using their eyes just like “jedis”. I was defeated, but I was amused too. Sometimes when monsters are about to launch attacks that may cause huge damage, little circles are displayed on the interface and footprints will appear in several of those circles. You’ve got to keep in mind the specific circles and the very sequence in which those footprints present themselves because you have to repeat that afterwards so as to dodge from the impending attack.

With diversified monsters and skills coupled with unique control system, JuggerNaut is a temptation I cannot resist.

Note: Mail.ru Games run games such as War of Dragons, Farm kingdom and RiotZone.

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