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Jurassic Park Builder

Jurassic Park Builder

Release Date:  September 18, 2012
Publisher:  Ludia Inc.
Developer:  Ludia Inc.
Genre:  Breeding, Simulation

Jurassic Park Builder is a Dragon Breeding game that is developed by Ludia. In the game, you are able to build your cute dragons in the way that you train your dragons in Monster Story, or Tiny Monsters. Although the title is easily reminiscent of the movie “Jurassic Park”, it is, in fact, not closely associated with the movie’s storyline – if it has -. Instead, it is simply a game using the license of Jurassic Park from Universal Studios.


Different from farms which could produce all kinds of food in other monster breeding games, supply buildings in Jurassic Park Builder are divided into two parts: Crops Harbor and Meat Harbor. Players can choose to activate the harbors multiple times and keep them functioning and they don’t need to wait too long for a harvest. Instead, crops and meat are constantly produced even when you are offline.

Most of social games that allow you to expand your kingdom while offering something new outside your original land. Jurassic Park Builder does feature such a mechanic that encourages you to expand your territory to find new dinosaurs. It is normal in social games, but I feels alien to breeding games, especially in iOS platform. By cleaning up the grass and stones in your newly expanded lands, you would have chances to find amber that may help you uncover the secrets tucked away 230 million years ago. For example, you can research the amber in the science lab and obtain the DNA of new spices by trial and error. During the process of discovering, researching and bringing long extinct species back to life, one may accomplish their dream of being a scientist.

The sense of accomplishment continues when you are attempting to get your dinosaurs evolved. Once your dinosaurs reach level 10, you could bring them back to the lab and evolve them. Evolving a dinosaur is great, but it has a very low chance of success. One out of three attempts ends up in failure. And this is why evolution is so costly in this game. However, I would rather suffer failures and take risks in the process than simply wait hours for their own evolutions in old school monster breeding games.

Decorations in Jurassic Park Builder can’t be ignored. Many decorations in previous monster breeding games only change the scenes visually. Yet in JPB, all the decorations are profitable. As long as you place them close to your dinosaurs, they will raise the coin output. Being both visually beautiful and functionally useful, decorations have been widely used among players.

Jurassic Park Builder also uses the movie characters played by Richard Attenborough, Jeff Goldblum and other superstars as the quest delivers. Besides, all the graphics and the special effects when you tap on the scenes are amazingly .

One flaw in Jurassic Park Builder is that no further information for buildings and dinosaurs is provided, leading to the fact that players feel totally at a loss.

Another shortage is no interactions between players. Seems the social factors have not been taken into consideration by the game developers. Players paying visits to others could do nothing but observe the parks. It could be a better game by adding some social features and make players connected.

In a word, Jurassic Park Builder is a fine choice for enlarging your app collections and could be a better game after some appropriate improvement.

2 Comments on Jurassic Park Builder


  1. Rich says:

    Evolution now takes about 40 attempts. Just had 20 consecutive failures. The developers seem determined to turn people away from the game as evolution becomes a process of boring repetitive failures which drain your cash.

  2. Alan says:

    I agree…I am about to find something more productive to spend my time on!

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