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Kabam Presents Wartune

Sara Lau
Dec 6,2012  08:12 by

Kabam, the maker of Hobbit: KoM and Hobbit Armies , recently launched Wartune in partnership with R2games, a fast-growing free to play game publisher mainly benefiting from the success of Crystal Saga and Call of Roma. The new release comes shortly after Kabam launched Crystal Saga also licensed by R2games. To get more exposure for Wartune, Kabam also debuted it on Google Web Store.

Apart from Kabam, R2games also worked with Kongregate and Aeria Games to bring Wartune playable to their users respectively. According to statistics, more than 100 servers have been released so far across the platforms including R2games, Aeria Games, Kongregate, Wartune.com, and Friendster. This game turns out to be an extremely popular browser game in North America and beyond.

As a browser game, Wartune unfolds warming up with intriguing narration, packed with unexpected challenges, then culminating in turn-based battles with a strong sense of Atlantica Online, and finally offering a landscape of castle that should be developed and defended through a series of activities such as recruiting troops, producing resources and crafting items.

The hybrid browser game Wartune is developed by China-based 7Road, which has been acquired by ChangYou in the cash of $68.26 Million, or 68.26% of the equity of the company. The Chinese version was launched at the end of 2011, and since then, a handful of companies vied to buy the license to publish it exclusively in China. However, the developer 7Road neither publishes the game by itself, nor licenses it to a company exclusively. Thus far, in China alone, there have been over 10 publishers hosting the game at the same time and thousands of servers has been opened together.

For the North American version, or roughly speaking, for English-speaking users, they are obviously faced with the same situation – they had to play the game from time to time switching servers from old servers to new servers so as not to go behind far from those paid or active gamers in levels because there is a new server almost every day they wake up. Alternately, they can choose to play at different platforms to reach the same results.

Kabam is just one of them to play the role of co-publisher, mainly bringing its users into the game and waiting to share the revenues from R2game. On the other hand, the co-publisher, like Kabam, could also advertise the game to bring the target players to its platform to play the game. This move not only brings the licenser revenues, but gives the licenser an opportunity to promote the game to its own platform, and even the data of the publisher’s users will eventually be collected by the licenser. This also poses a great risk and potential competition to the publisher itself. In truth, the revenue share (generally 50%) is very competitive, and most of the companies would take the initiative to publish the game. After all, the license of co-publishing is free of charge.

This business model is pretty popular in China, and now the number of co-publishers in U.S. increases since last year. Some traditional developers or publishers still observe how the business could benefit them.

Of course, not all browser games could bring a huge amount of revenues to publishers. But how do you pick up an appropriate game to integrate your platform? It depends!

5 Comments on Kabam Presents Wartune


  1. LotusBlade says:

    Kabam is very unstable – they are closed few online games already, so i dont trust them anymore, regradless of game, which they will release.

  2. josse alberto says:


  3. ExRotmgUser says:

    Kabam people wont listen to user feedbacks and tend to make every game pay2win. Those who partner with them are warned.

  4. manup says:

    Kabam people wont listen to user feedbacks and tend to make every game pay2win. Those who partner with them are warned.

  5. Luis says:

    Kaban Ican are administrator for wartune for are strong player where I need go?

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