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Kaijudo Online

Kaijudo Online

Release Date:  August 22, 2012
Publisher:  Wizards
Developer:  Wizards
Genre:  TCG

Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters Trading Card Game (Kaijudo Online or Kaijudo for short) is a trading card game developed by Wizards, the same publisher of Magic: The Gathering. The game’s gameplay abides by the same rules of Magic the gathering, but the artworks are much more improved.


You and your opponents will begin with 32 cards piled in a random order. The first five cards will be placed back up beside your avatar as your shield. Attacks on the shields will turn over the cards and put them into your deck. If you are lucky enough, there can be spells coming out of a shield blast, and it costs you no manna points to cast the spell.

The game is turn based and each round is divided into 3 phases: Manna Phase, in which you charge your manna points at the cost of one card in hand; Main Phase, where you decide to whether summon creatures or cast spells with the limited manna points; and finally the Attack Phase would allow you to attack the opponent’s shields directly if no blocking creatures are on the way. Some strong creatures could break 2 shields a time and most powerful ones can attack again after a victory of a battle.

You lose the game when you run out of the 32 available cards or the 5 shields and get hit in the face. It is no big deal getting defeated in a duel in the story mode, no loss will be caused and you can come back to challenge the stage over and over until you beat the AI opponents.

A detailed storyline is the most absorbing part of the game. Previously in the review of Fiction Fighters, I’ve mentioned the similar feature. And now Kaijudo is doing a better job. All the characters are original and stylish. Staring at the creatures with your wildest imaginations and you could picture your own anime.

Since there is no online player versus player mode, it would not be a game that social. However, compared to the client based card games like Magic: The Gathering, you would experience the advantage of being able to enjoy the game anywhere with internet connections in your browsers.

If you check this game on Kaijudo.com, you would see Kaijudo: The Battle Game, a new game series with a new gameplay marked “Play now!” at the right side of Kaijudo Online. I also checked The Battle Game and find it a game requires great luck.

You could start the game with the same account you use in Kaijudo Online. After you have decided your character, you would face different opponents according to the missions.

This time you will have only 3 shields and losing all shields means defeated. At the beginning of each turn, you pull out one of the three cards in your hand as your battler. More cards will be added as the game goes. When the scores on the cards show in tie, one random card will appear to break the tie and that is the part in which luck is needed pretty much. For you will never know what are you going to get.

When you are tired of dueling cards with computer opponents, you could switch to The Battle Game and try some luck.

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