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Karos Online

Karos Online

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  NHN Games
Developer:  Galaxy Gate
Genre:  fantasy

The Broccion Continent in the Planet Asmara has been trodden for years by the iron heels of ruthless wars, which are like never-satisfactory monsters, always thirsty for bloods. Now is another pivotal moment, a prelude for raging warfare, since the fate of Skidd and Reth, heirs to Darkness and Light respectively, will be made by the powerful Fletta Gem that is scrambled by forces of both sides. In order to win, the Light Followers are establishing the Cafenril Federation to enlarge their collective power. So courageous warriors, it is high time to embark on the journey of glory, destroying the soul of Skidd and ascending into Commander-in-chief of the land.

Against the intensified back story, Karos Online will usher players into a 3D-depicted fantasy world in an epoch of castle siege battles. In this game, players can choose from four races, which are Human, Shadow, Seroine and Vaneese. Every race owns its traits with balanced strong and weak points. For instance, Humans are good at adaptability but weak in creation and magic; while Seroines are masters of elements of nature, good at ranged battle but vulnerable in melee. Except Vaneese race, the other three races all contain two playable classes. Human race contains male Blader and female Padalin who share the same strength as primary attribute and are best at Melee; Shadow race includes male Rogue blessed with agility and strength and skillful at Melee, as well as female Sorceress gifted with agility and intelligence and powerful in ranged battles; while Seroine race covers Bowmistress and Mystic, both female, with the former endowed with agility suitable for Ranged battles and the latter gifted with intelligence equal to Melee. Under the same race categories, the two classes share the similar combat style with nuanced differences in sub-roles during party play; yet each class follows unique class advancement, owns unique skills, and wields special weapons of one’ own suitable to both character and gender.

After creating their roles, players can set off on the huge map, which consists of six divided zones of varied styles, known as Berneo with large wet land holding large amounts of Fletta, Lupinel as commercial trading hub, Tempteroon as the largest resource producer and an important traveling route, Peltrok as a massive trading market, Bhalasong as a dense and dangerous forest, and Seron Island as a land of contrasts. Roaming around different zones, players can venture into different geography home to varied monsters and dangers, so as to gain diversified gaming experience.

Beside, players can explore challenging dungeons of different types. In general, this game supports three types, including Normal Dungeon, Maze Dungeon and Event Dungeon, which are further comprised by different areas. For instance, there are under Normal Dungeon areas of Zendarune Crypt, Ant Mountain Caves and Sentryheil Tower, each suitable for certain players with proper levels. With all these unpredictable dungeon adventure as well as fierce PvP and castle sieges, players will sure be able to play to hearts content.

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