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Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  RockYou
Developer:  RockYou
Genre:  Racing

KartWorld is a Kart Racing game on Facebook where you manage your own garage, race against other Facebook users, grab coins and cash and finally rush to the Top in the Learderboards. Refuel your cars, join multiplayer racing modes like Quick Race, Race, Leaderboards and Challenges.


You can have a garage of your own, purchase work bays, and service cars to earn money. With that money, you are going to buy and enhance your own car and then attend competitions of all kinds.

Sounds familiar? Of course, that is exactly the same as in RaceTown. But KartWorld distinctively emphasizes the racing element. Almost all the quests pit players in races or challenges. In the quest window, click start and you are immediately directed to the match. As long as you are allowed to Go, hover over where the game tells you to, and your car will start immediately. You don’t have to click or hold buttons of your mouse, just move it along the speedway and your car will turn left or right only if you want it that way. Keep your icon ahead of the car and keep it as far as possible since the farther that icon is from the car, the faster you car will be.

Different races will be available: you can challenge your friends or accept challenges from them; you may join or create a multiplayer game in Race; you can choose the Quick Race where three other players are randomly selected; or you probably are asked to help collect coins or special items along the road without any other player at all.

There may be something wrong with the races though. Honestly speaking, I am not a good racer in real life or in games. But in KartWorld, I kind of gain some confidence in racing actually. I placed first in almost every race. At first, I was not surprised but when it comes to the multiplayer match, I still ranked 1st even when there were players of higher levels. And there was once when I was not concentrated and lagged behind. As I got my focus back, I led the car carefully for a few seconds and then found all the cars stop not far from mine. It was kind of ridiculous. Nonetheless, there are few times when I do fail to complete the goals. It was at that time that I was advised to spend coins and cash to upgrade my kart.

Servicing at the work bays is an important way to obtain the money necessary for improving your racing kart’s performance. You don’t have to purchase the cashier, batteries or shelves this time. Just introduce various work bays so that you could provide various services. It’s is best to collect incomes in time; otherwise you will have to spend KartWorld Cash to reclaim the money.

Comforting races after races combined with casual car services. And that’s all about KartWorld.

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  1. anis says:

    good page !

  2. baron ocampo says:


  3. Eric K says:

    to power lvl in kartworl just dragrace and you can but upgraded cars for coins

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