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Kingdom Age Review

Apr 19,2012  01:04 by

Funzio’s latest Google + strategy game Kingdom Age has arrived at Facebook platform. The game contents should be of no difference but with a larger potential user base, will Kingdom Age go farther on Facebook?

Kingdom Age

On hearing the name Kingdom Age, I was assuming this was another copycat strategy game of Evony. Empire Age, Kingdoms of Camelot, Kingory and now Kingdom Age. Come on, you guys need to be more creative in terms of game designing as well as naming! But as I conquer my rivals and expand my kingdom, the game unfolds and turns out to be a marriage of simplified Strategy, RPG, and Farmville.

The tutorial rushes to cram you the idea of mob killing, rival battle, city building and instant building, with big yellow arrows flying all over on the screen. That’s the problem of most web-browser based strategy games. They are trying too hard to feed you with the whole game in fear that you might click the little X in the upper right corner before spending a penny.

At the beginning of the tutorial, you are asked to customize your characters and choose a class. But as the character levels, I fail to spot any major differences between the three classes. Neither list there any attributes like Intelligence, Spirit and Dexterity in the character profile, nor can I cast fire or ice spell other than left click normal attack. What’s worse, the quest rewards a mage with axe and bow. Anyone with a little RPG experience would know that belongs to other classes. The silver lining is, in my humble opinion, to eliminate class imbalance existing in most MMORPGs, since everyone now has the same builds.


That being said, the game still boasts a simple yet enjoyable mob fight system. Every other level upgrade will unlock a new map of different landscape and monsters. Plus, simple click-to-attack suits beset casual play. If anything, lack of Energy is a downside. Instead of Mana, each of your action in the battlefield consumes Energy, and yes, it fills over time or by cash. Nothing can be more frustrating when you drain your Energy in the middle of boss fight.

Kill Mobs

After finishing the tutorial, you can follow the quest to build up your kingdom. As facilities and residents sprout, you will be presented with Formula Building, a popular feature and important friend interaction found in almost every simulation game on Facebook. In traditional strategy games, you have to wait endlessly, in some extreme cases, days, for a building to be set up, whereas in Kingdom Age, special buildings like Alchemy Lab and Barrack, requires not only time, but materials such as Tar, Stone, Copper and Lumber, that you need to “Ask from Friends”. It is the same with kingdom expansion. This bittersweet feature borrowed from Farmville games brings player interaction to a whole new level. Now you have more to spam, I mean, to do, with you allies.

Formula building

In conclusion, Kingdom Age simplifies the characteristics and features of simulation, strategy and RPG and blends them together. This so-called innovation can be a double-edged blade. Will this be too simplified that it lost the essence of its predecessor, and thus becoming neither fish nor fowl?

6 Comments on Kingdom Age Review


  1. ELP says:

    A great game with great possibilities, Until you have a problem, eg, C&P'ing member ID numbers.

    You report the problem to support, where they promise you a game payment that they DON'T follow through with. There are still many bugs to fix, unfortunately some in support DON'T support game users.
    It's been at least a week since I reported the problem and their reply of payment. I've contacted support numerous times since then but NO REPLY.

    It's like buying a new car. Everything's great til something goes wrong with the car, then you get crappy service. Support and the game itself go hand in hand.


  2. dasdas says:

    There is no choice of attack or choice of armor/weapon. constantly having to buy things to fight others

  3. Rob says:

    Simple and Stupid. Flash crap

  4. artyLV says:

    don`t work function Ask friends on metal and tar

  5. Laurie says:

    Add me 941 456 789

  6. Mim says:

    add ! 544 544 368

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