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Kingdom of Dragon

Kingdom of Dragon

Release Date:  August 6, 2012
Publisher:  Plinga
Developer:  Plinga
Genre:  Strategy

Kingdom of Dragon is city building strategy game where you need to build your kingdom with farm, dwelling, and military facilities to train your army and go to war with your neighbors and beyond.

At first glance, Kingdom of Dragon looks like Tynon in terms of graphics and building structures.


Don’t expect to see dragons immediately after you enter the game. This is not a kingdom of dragons. As a matter of fact, dragons are merely part of your air forces.

The game is a strategy title combined with multiple elements. In the city, you just purchase and deploy buildings, recruit warriors, collect rent from residential houses and then produce resources in metallurgy rooms and logging camps. And you are allowed to attend battles in the sea, up in the air or just on the land.

To some extent, Kingdom Dragon shares a lot in common with many social games on Facebook. Once in a while, you will need to interact with your friends: visit their territories, help collect coins from their houses, hire your friends for staffing your government buildings, or even invade your friends. And items you fail to collect can be obtained if you ask your friends to help.

Also you will find occurrences that are common in Dragons of Atlantis. For instance, generous online rewards and daily rewards are provided every day. And there is the typical skyrocketing progression. It was funny that I reached level 8 a few minutes after I started playing. But after I reached level 18, the upgrades become quite difficult as some quests cannot be completed for the moment.

That is not to say Kingdom of Dragon sucks. It is still easy to be amused by details sometimes. For instance, in your city, the resource collector is a fairy that flies here and there with a wand in her hands. The warriors, or to be specific, the archers, swordsmen, wizards, crossbowmen, mermen, ocean scorpions, sea horse riders, and all the Pegasus riders, skeleton dragons, and more, are all bobble head characters that will fight for you in battle and guard your city between battles. Every time you recruit one, you place him or her in a vacant spot on the land or in the sea to protect your territory against any invader, though soon enough your city will be filled with identical warriors everywhere.

I hold mixed feelings for the battles in Kingdom of Dragon. In this game, you can explore different areas, each with a dozen of challenges where you can choose to take it in Normal, Hard or Hell mode. With differentiated warriors, you take part in battles against enemies of assorted various classes, no matter they are land units, sea monsters or air forces.

Although that makes the battles look pretty cool, the combats are merely turn-based and therefore not exciting at all. The total HP value of your warriors in battle and special items you apply determine whether you will win. In the case that the enemies’ HP outnumbers you, there is a high chance that you would lose the battle while once you use special items purchased by using the premium coins, you might defeat the enemies instead.

Kingdom of Dragon has nothing original in its basic gameplay but it fuses multiple gaming elements. And that makes it somewhat unique. If you happen to be a fan of casual strategy titles, Kingdom of Dragon might be the one you don’t wanna miss. But if you are seeking for something that’s never seen before, well, you can pass on this game.

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