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Kingdom Quest

Kingdom Quest

Release Date:  October 25, 2012
Publisher:  Zynga
Developer:  Playdemic
Genre:  Social Game

Kingdom Quest is a Facebook-based social game that is developed by Playdemic and published by Zynga. In the game, players construct stores and markets, deploy stalls, plant vegetables, fruits and crops, exploit mines, collect rocks as well as craft items with all raw materials.


Like Zynga’s social games Adventure World, CastleVille on Facebook, Kingdom Quest revolves around how you develop a successful business. That sounds pretty simple and cliché. But Kingdom Quest managed to make the whole experience unique and entertaining.

You hire workers to make broth, salad, and clothes or do other chores. Wake up your workers who have fallen asleep, order the food you want, wait, and then click Trade or Sell for the silver coins. That part of job differs from any routine harvesting, crafting and collecting that you would experience elsewhere.

Apart from the vividly presented interactions with workers, Kingdom also incorporates a special farming system. You still have to place farm plots before you grow anything. The funny thing is, you don’t just cultivate fruits and crops – you also grow trees and mines and raise animals in the plots. Unfortunately, there is no tip or guidance on that and I spent quite some time clicking blindly on the screen and refreshed several times before I finally saw a mine being “planted”.

All the things you harvest from the plots are used as materials or ingredients for crafting and cooking. The dishes, soup, food and even clothes would be sold gradually at the stalls, which means that you won’t get paid immediately. And since few missions reward you with groats, or the game currency, while all the things to be cultivated in the farm plots must be purchased, you will run the whole business on a pretty tight budget and need to spend each groat carefully.

Kingdom Quest adopts the mechanics that have been widely used in simulation games such as ChefVille and Fashion Dream. It’s all about collecting the necessary materials or ingredients and then producing the products for sale. However, Kingdom Quest attaches great importance to the cultivation of materials and ingredients rather than the cooking or crafting, though the visuals of those workers are quite entertaining.

Also, dragon, a frequently used monster, found its way to Kingdom Quest. You obtain this huge egg and need to hatch it to have a baby dragon. After that, you feed special milk to it until it is old enough to attend battles. The egg hatching and dragon raising system, however, shares a lot in common with the mechanics in Dragon City. And that is what disappoints you in Kingdom Quest.


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  1. Lotus Blade says:

    Current game is combo of all "Ville" games. There are FarmVille and ChefVille, Dragon City and others… but the problem is – there is nothing new. Game is really booring. If you want to find the biggest FarmToFarm useless game – here you go, pick this game. Graphics and animation are also pretty bad for such game. Most time you are tired of playing game after some time, but in current case, you will hate after first 30 minutes of playing.

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