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Kingdoms and Quests

Kingdoms and Quests

Release Date:  2011/09
Publisher:  Zynga
Developer:  Zynga
Genre:  RPG

Kingdoms and Quests is a Facebook social RPG that has great potential to qualify the best RPG on Facebook. The game can be concluded as a mix of Social Kingdoms and Adventure World, but it takes on a lot of unique elements. Currently it is only playable in Australia!

The game is firstly unveiled via Mafia Wars Maniac, a blog dedicated to covering news, tips, cheats on Mafia Wars. Later, it has been quoted by multiple popular media sites like games.com, Gamasutra, Inside Social Games and Gamezebo.

As the title suggests, Kingdoms and Quests centers on kingdom building and quest exploring. The kingdom building is nothing but Zynga’s Cityville, or Empires & Allies, while the quest exploring is just like Monster Galaxy, or to be exact, inspired from indie game AdventureQuest World.

Based on information on the support page (Taken Down at the moment), Kingdoms and Quests seems to be social MMORPG in which players are able to role play as warrior or other classes to craft weapons, equipment. If they want to have more warriors, they will have to join more battles and get more powerful weapons.

According to Games.com, Kingdoms and Quests will not feature a PVP system, yet it prominently handles social interaction. a player can visit other player’s kingdom and get socialized with thousands of neighbours.

6 Comments on Kingdoms and Quests


  1. Dhe says:

    why only australia who can played this game ?? and what wrong with other country ?

  2. Nim says:

    bunch of bull restricting this game to just Australia

  3. yawako says:

    zynga sucks if they dont release this to all country..

  4. Chris Scott says:

    I am in Australia and am playing this game. Beautiful graphics and flash pages to battle monsters but I am finding that without friends the game is very limited as travel is so restricted without crew for ships or friends to help repair damaged buildings. Collecting food, wood and stone are easily done alone and adding to your army easy but moving forward in the game does rely on friends helping and so far few Aussie's are playing. Cummon Zinga get it out for everyone as it looks like it will be a lot of fun.

  5. Scott says:

    Most games have a limited release while they are still in Beta. This is currently in Alpha. We are basically providing free QA. I am guessing it will be a couple months before full release.

    You aren't missing much yet. Can't seem to invite people so I am stuck on the newbie island collecting apples. lol

    Issues like this (probably an invite API bug) are why they have limited releases.

  6. naim says:

    stupid why cannoy play !

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