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Kingdoms at War

Kingdoms at War

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  A Thinking Ape, Inc.
Developer:  A Thinking Ape, Inc.
Genre:  Strategy

Kingdoms at War, a cross-platform strategy game developed by the A Thinking Ape Inc, is characteristic with military-oriented elements including forging army units, hiring and buying alliance, forming clans for advantages as well as waging battles of all scales against rivals and monsters.


The Medieval Age is a dark period brewing chaos and wars merciless to anybody. The weak is doomed to be trodden under the iron heels of the strong, so the only way to survive is to build the most powerful kingdom guarded by a formidable army. Diamonds cut diamonds. It is a world worshipping the Law of Jungle, a world full of foes worthy your steel, and a world inside of the game known as Kingdoms at War. The game reminds me of Three Kingdoms Online and Castle Empire,

In “Kingdoms at War”, players can get access to this game by either downloading it to the iPhone/iTouch or simply logging into it on the browser. Starting from the first available patches of casino online land, players can lay out the blueprint for their ideal futuristic kingdoms even in the very beginning; to this end, players can follow their will and personal combat style to choose from three available state types, namely, the Conqueror, Monarch or Defender Class. True to their names, each class, once chosen, will decide the attack and defence power. That is to say, the Conqueror class has the strongest attack damage and weakest defence, the Monarch a balance of both, and the Defender opposite to the Conqueror.

As to the army unit, it is also subject to players’ personal choice to build a blending troop of pikeman, Calvary and spy or to build up a single-unit army. Powerful kingdom of one’s own is crucial to victory, yet hired allies and strong clans are also important. At length, allies can not only boost kingdoms’ stats, but also bring about bonuses of extra gold in a triumphant battle. As to the advantage of joining a clan, a new clan member will be volleyed, or hired multiple times in a very short time, by others; and by this way the newbie can win volley money, which is helpful in creating a good start.

Uneasy lies a head that wears a crown. Play Kingdoms at War and dismiss uneasiness by making the most powerful monarch.

The game also available at mochigames. The official website: www.kingdomsatwar.com/

3 Comments on Kingdoms at War


  1. Adorable_undertaker says:

    I’m playing kingdoms at war, but now my iPod spoil.how am I going to do?please help me?!!!!how am I going to link back my adorable_undertaker account…???

  2. fuck the devs they dont care.

  3. Deaths only fear says:

    I’ve been playing kaw since I was at least 18 and I’m 21 now it was not released in 2011

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