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Kingdoms CCG

Kingdoms CCG

Release Date:  May 2012
Publisher:  Antic Entertainment.
Developer:  Antic Entertainment
Genre:  CCG

Kingdoms CCG is a browser- based card trading game portraying the classic battle of the holy and the undead. For new players, you are strict to the story mode of single player in one campaign.

The game is developed by Antic Entertainment, the maker of zombie misfits (Facebook) and platoonz(Kongregate).


You will be given a few cards to start with, but after that you have to confirm your cards once in order to go forward. It’s a serious matter because if you accidentally hit “Clear” before your battle, you will have no card to play with. As there are only three windows open for placing card, you should first check your cards for their functions and limitations. You have your hero’s Mana in the interface next to HP which mainly works as currencies for buying card. For every card you place, the game will charge you accordingly. You can gain certain Mana every round but you should be careful with it as your incomes are limited

In Kingdoms CCG, you will be offered with several types of cards. Some accept direct placement in the slot, while others can only be used based on other cards, and some can be used to create certain status. You are free of attack if your slot is not open (dead cards doesn’t count). And for every attack you receive, your HP decreases accordingly. No matter how weak your cards are, it can still help simply by blocking the attacks. But activation of new placed cards and retrieval of dead cards are all at your opponents’ hand. So practically you have to think one round ahead. Or, you can remove dead cards early by consuming extra Mana. There is no trick for early activation. The cards offered for you are randomly distributed. If you don’t need certain card, you can remove it from the optional bar and gain 1 Mana, but you will in short of one choice so be cautious doing it.

Obviously the party who has his HP decreased to 0 will lose the game. Sounds easy, right? But trust me; you can have a lot of fun leveling up. Less cards to deal and stronger opponents to defeat.

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