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Kingdoms & Lords

Kingdoms & Lords

Release Date:  August 09, 2012
Publisher:  Gameloft
Developer:  Gameloft
Genre:  Strategy

Kingdoms & Lords is a free medieval game where you start as a village leader to build it into a thriving kingdom. Your primary goal is to expand your territory, plant vegetable, raise a powerful army and challenge enemies in a turn-based battle.


The king of Lailana has been assassinated by Steelwind spies . The queen has gone into hiding. War has broken out between the four kingdoms. Chaos! Pandemonium! Meanwhile, an ancient and powerful evil is going what ancient and powerful evils tend to do at the beginning of stories like these. It is stirring deep in the darkness, threatening to emerge and engulf everything.

But you don’t actually know about any of this. Not yet. You see, your quiet rural village lies on the island of Amethyst, far from the kingdoms to the north.


If Kingdoms & Lords is not the one that is developed by Gameloft, the company that enjoys a great reputation for its high quality games Order & Chaos Online and Monster Life, I would definitely ignore such strategy game.

The iPad game “Kingdoms and Lords” is one of those that I could guess what to do exactly immediately I saw the title. It is probably because I have seen and played too many such strategy-labelled games on browsers, PC, and iOS.

Kingdoms & Lords obviously suggests a kingdom management game revolving around the relation between kingdom and lord, but you do not know how the game is like until you play it. It ultimately turns out te be a game that lacks the simplicity and multiplayer online battle mode to bolster the game. Finally, the game reflects GameLoft’s attempt to become a Parrot.

The game’s progression is based on how much time you spend and how many times you tap on your buildings and troops. You have to keep tapping to build and upgrade your buildings like Hut, Farm, Mine, Quarry, Barracks and Town Hall, etc. Some of them can be built directly by spending some Coin that can be obtained for free, but if you build your kingdom to somewhat unique, there is no way to do without spending real money to purchase Diamond.

Speaking of military in Kingdoms & Lords,  there is not much to praise because of its redundant controls. During a battle against Barbarian General, you must repeatedly tap your troops to attack the enemy troops. There is no a fast button to speed up the battle, not mention to an Auto-battle option. The battle mechanic failed mostly because I believe the dev guys move the “Point-to-click” model into the game and they even forgot they were making a touchscreen game.

Much more disappointing is the Energy that you must consume in order to do actions like cut trees. Everything about a single action ends in money. There is criticism that GameLoft developed Monster Life by copying Paper Monster and Pokemon, but the result is we have seen a great game. There is much criticism that GameLoft is downgrading to grab money.  Kingdoms & Lords is the best example.

If you had played Clash of Clans recently, you would have been aware of what a big difference in terms of battle and controls, and how amazing Clash of Clans.

13 Comments on Kingdoms & Lords


  1. Mad says:

    Look at the forum of Gameloft. Don't spend any money, the game has a lot of bugs

  2. Royal says:

    add me nightlord007

  3. joey says:

    Add me Gungrave84

  4. Diesel says:

    I am still trying to figure how to complete an attack or fight how do you pick the people you want to go with you?

  5. Rhiannon says:

    What do I do with all the recruits scattered all over my kingdom?

  6. moises says:


  7. juan says:

    es una porqueria casi me lo descagor

  8. roberto says:

    como inserir codigo de compra para jogos

  9. Marlon Brown says:

    Need to add friends how do i add apart from Facebook and i join a guild but it keep asking me to join one making the mission not complete and i can’t enter the guild headquarters keep telling me it time out or check connection, connection is good.

  10. abdorob3y says:


  11. herman5555 says:


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