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Kings and Warlords

Kings and Warlords

Release Date:  December 20, 2012
Publisher:  Digital Chocolate
Developer:  Digital Chocolate
Genre:  Strategy

Kings and Warlords is a Facebook-based strategy game from Digital Chocolate behind titles such as Galaxy Life and Crazy Penguin Wars. In the game, players build resource facilities, research technology, train troops and then attack and loot other players.


Kings and Warlords offers simple but detailed animations as well as a convenient interface. In the always light green world, players construct and upgrade different structures while relishing the vivid graphical descriptions of medieval life – children playing under the tree, women feeding chicken and men taking a nap are all vividly presented on the interface. At the same time, the game offers a most convenient interface where players can enter researching, military training, and mission dialog boxes, toggle fullscreen mode, and move structures by directly clicking associated buttons on the interface instead of looking for and then clicking the specific structures or clicking a general setting button on the interface.

The game has also introduced a somewhat new management system of buildings and facilities inside the kingdom. Players have to add and upgrade the cottages, mines, quarries, forests, and crops for more resources, and to that end, they not only have to upgrade Castle, or the most important building in the kingdom, they also have to level up the mason, forge, sawmill and farm. That allows the game to keep players constructing buildings and mostly waiting either for the constructions to be finished or for enough resources to be collected.

It is a pity that despite that Kings and Warlords introduces some innovations in the management sector and obviously makes great efforts in making a visually stunning and satisfactory game, it merely comes with traditional strategy experience.

In the Realm Map, players can choose whichever enemy kingdom or resource facilities to attack, appoint the hero, send out the units and then the troops will automatically march to the destination, start a battle and then return to your kingdom once the battle is done. Typical invisible battles in strategy titles. Although the game allows players to watch a simplified video of the battle afterwards, players could do nothing beyond changing the battle strategy, or to be specific, adjusting the formations of their armies.

And the waits can be devastatingly long. Several researches later, you will find it impossible to finish an important research in less than 15 min. Among the hundreds of researches, some even take days. For example, if you would like to upgrade your knight to level 9 (provided that you’ve gone through the tormenting waits prior to that) you are gonna wait for five whole days. And that doesn’t even cover the time during which you strive to gather enough resources to do that.

Kings and Warlords might be a great choice if you would like to have a taste of the typical slow strategy gaming experience which mainly revolves around resources looting and troops attacking. Otherwise, it is merely a new package of old gameplay.

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  1. gyryth says:

    Also if you are unlucky enough to spawn near a high-level aggressive player there is nothing to prevent you being farmed out of existence after your 7-day initial protection period. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. You can't even relocate. So you have to accept there's a maybe 1-5% chance you will never be allowed into the game.

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