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Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  Rumble Games
Developer:  Rumble Games
Genre:  MMORPG, Action, Fantasy

KingsRoad is a browser-based online RPG developed by Rumble Entertainment, a new gaming company dedicated to free to play browser games and mobile games. At the moment, the game is being developed and expected to hit the first closed beta in summer.


Featuring 3D graphics, diablo-like hack and slash action, skill-oriented real-time combat as well as storyline-driven progression, KingsRoad takes you into a real fantasy world where you are able to equip yourself with sword and shield in a relentless effort to protect your King Alexander and the Princess Emma.

The once peaceful land was threatened by the evil forces in the absence of the King and even the Princess Emma was faced with fear and upcoming death if the schemes of the evil prosper. You, as the personal guard of the King, must stand up your feet and safeguard the kingdom, the Princess and the people across the land.

In a medieval age plot between you and the Princess, KingsRoad proves a film-like script on the conflict of the invading armies, with its focus finally settling on role-playing players who wind up embarking on the adventurous journey. Along the way, you will experience blood, setback, and even the most dreadful death. But nothing could stop your determination to demonstrating your loyalty and justice.


A formerly peaceful land which has already been invaded and infested by various monsters and therefore needs your rescue. That story has been told so many times in games of the same genre, and it already sounds more annoying than boring.

Thankfully, the game itself doesn’t disappoint. You explore a 2D fantasy world with 3D characters and creatures and what you need to do in this place is to take a conversation with NPC and complete missions, in between you need to purchase or sell some items. Every now and then, you will have to go out of town and explore along the path. In each of the stage, you will slay scores of monsters and enemies and claim equipment and gold dropped after they are killed. There is no stage map whatsoever and you have to figure it out on your own. And thanks to the 2D map, KingsRoad provides maps that are much easier to explore.

With only a few functionnal buttons, KingsRoad relies intensely on the mouse. You move your character around the maps. Some of the numeric keys will correspond to your character’s skills while pressing Q and W will refill your character’s health and the valor respectively. Those should form an easy way of controlling and enjoying. However, sometimes you press the keys but receive no response and have to click the buttons on the screen instead.

The real-time battle mode means that you might be attacked by more enemies while you are already involved in a battle. Therefore the refill of health and valor are vital to keep you alive and enable you to land more attacks. Fortunately, several kinds of food and drinks are unlocked at the food vendor’s as you level up. But that could also cause problems too. Freemium players would have access to 16 slots only while the food and drinks sometimes take up more than two – every twenty of the food or drinks consume one slot. But as you explore the world and encounter tougher enemies and bosses, you have to bring more to keep yourself alive.

You are not just concerned about the food. You pick up the weapons and armors when you explore but it is often the case that you have used up all the slots in your bag and hence could no longer store the things obtained through battles. That surely requires clever use of the slots and constant clearance of the bag.

The challenges in KingsRoad are never easy. It is almost impossible to keep yourself alive throughout a whole stage. As a matter of fact, you might have died three or more times before you get it finished. That necessitates the alliance with other players.

The simple controls and slow progression kind of distinguish the new game from those of the same genre. However, the developers must make it smooth and fluid to give the whole game a beloved hit.

3 Comments on KingsRoad


  1. Guest says:

    I dunno, it's picky about when it loads, is down a lot, and there's not much to do after you clear the maps. "Multiplayer" is just playing with 2 friends.

  2. jim says:

    devs are lacking big time so far. i've been reporting the same issue for 3 days now. can't load game on fb site. 3 days no response to my several posts in every thread in the forums, support ticket, and private message to the community manager in forums. cool game. crap support. go play something else is my advice. 5th Planet Games has several fb games that seldom ever have problems.

  3. josh hunt says:

    i cant even get to the login screen no more wtf is up with this

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