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Knight’s Story

Knight’s Story

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Developed by Anute, Knight’s Story is a new addition to the already popular games of Top-down tile based role-playing genre. Like most other games on Facebook, it is a freemium game, which means it is free of charge while charging a premium for advanced features. Anute is still in its infancy and is just warming up its browsers to try this brand new game. It is currently inviting players to take part in the beta testing and by far the game has been met with positive feedback at an average of 3 out of 5 stars. So let’s get the game started to see what’s new in it.

The premise of the game is that you were the only remaining heir to the grand old king and took control his long-abandoned castle. You were tasked with the huge responsibility of restoring the kingdom’s glory by rebuilding your very own castle, helping your citizens, and conquering new territories in the land of knights and magic creatures.

The best thing to do first in the game is to personalize your young heir. You may choose the gender, customize the face, outfit and mount. The heart of the game is exploring and venturing through medieval land. Once at the tutorial map, you can click the dark patches of land to search them for treasures. Depending on the nature of the land, you will need different amount of energy. Clicking the plain ground expenses 1 energy, while interacting with the environment like looking under plants or palm trees requires 5 energy. Each click gives you one point of experience towards your next level. As you explore around the map, you will find coins, items, treasures or nothing at all. Some grids are blocked by enemies so you will have to defeat them before you can proceed. Your character has four primary attributes, they can be allocated with distributable points that you earned whenever you gain a new level.

Venturing and hunting for treasures is just a potion of the game experiences. You also have the home land that can be expanded, decorated and planted on. Knight’s Story starts you off with few possessions that generate revenue and resources for your kingdom. So it’s up to you to trade in your treasures for big money and purchase assortments of items from shop to personalize your home land.

Generally, the graphics of the game are clean and neat and the background music is nice although it is short and repetitive. The weakness of the game is a certain one-dimensional feeling to the gameplay. Game sessions consist of exploring grids for treasures until your energy runs out and there’s not much else to do. Energy refills at the rate of 1 point per 5 minute. Compare to the HP regeneration, it is too slow and makes no sense. My character’s HP is always full while the energy is always empty. Also during fights against enemies, it loses energy instead of HP, which again, makes no sense at all and should be changed. Building is also a bit slow and hard. Especially in the beginning of the game, it requires a great amount of energy as well as other rare materials. You can surely get these pesky items from shop, but there’s a little need for micro-transaction, besides keeping track of wish lists of items you miss as “gifts” from friends who are also playing the game. The game has a huge potential, but it seems that it is missing a few key things in order to make it there. Knight’s Story’s long term appeal may be dictated entirely by how diligent the developer is in keeping the game updated.

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