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Knight Age

Knight Age

Release Date:  2012
Publisher:  Joymax
Developer:  Sesisoft
Genre:  MMORPG

Knight Age, originally named Carpe Diem 2, is a 3D free to play MMORPG with fresh and cute cartoon-style graphics, and an unique pet riding combat system. The game is developed by South Korea-based Sesisoft and to be published by Joymax, the publisher of Silkroad online and Karma Online. Aeria Games has taken over its publishing rights in Japan.


Character creation and customization

Upon entering the game, you can create your character by choosing from Knights, Archers, Mages and Warrior. You are accessible to all the weapons whichever class you are in; therefore, even a Mage is able to take hold of a Warrior’s rifle.
Although customization that merely involves hairstyle, hair color and skin color is not detailed, the characters’ kawaii appearances and gestures could just make up for this vapidity.

Here comes Pupa!

After taking a warming up under the guidance of the tutorial, you are to meet your loyal companion and assistant Pupa (the pet system) in the castle before setting out for adventures. You get a cute cat Pupa in the preliminary phase, and in your later explorations will hunt for more Pupa eggs which can be hatched by the NPCs. Consequently, you are likely to have cat Pupa, snowman Pupa, robot Pupa…with shocking attack powers around your progression.

Follow the main storyline

It is apparently a violation of the game’s playability to sit back and wait to upgrade without accepting any quests. Then, the most effective way to level up is to follow the main storyline and take the rewarding quests.

There is considerate auto-navigation in the game, and what is more convenient is that when carrying out main quests, you will be delivered straightforward to the next quest upon the completion of the present one, which saves much time and energy for you.

Once suffering a temporary death, you will be auto-transmitted to the latest resurrection position for recovery. As punishment, the endurance of your outfit will be reduced, and if things continue this way, you will need to have it repaired back in the Blacksmith’s. Therefore, you need to weigh your capacity before striking attacks on the monsters.

Skills, weapons and gear

New skills and weapons are unlocked along with your level up. For each level, 2 Tps are rewarded, which can be exchanged for more competent and diversified skills.

It should be noted that although all weapons are within your reach, the outfits are class-restricted. In this case, for example, if a Mage sticks to a Knight’s sword but is unable to wear the Knight’s costumes, it is obvious that he is easier to be outweighed in combats compared with a physically strong Knight.

Battles on horseback

As long as you level up to 5, you are able to gain access to the game’s core system—battling on horseback. On completing the quests proposed by the owner of the stud-farm, you will be rewarded with you first mount. Since then, both tempering your skills and overcoming quests become more convenient; what’s more, you can prepare to enjoy the fun of battling on horseback in team-based actions.

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  1. sasasasasa says:

    evything is japaneeeze

  2. lolalola says:

    japan or korean? XD

  3. Daemon says:

    its a korean game.

  4. knighto says:

    This game developed by GNISoft , not sesisoft. Wrong info

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