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Knights of the Crystals

Knights of the Crystals

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Square Enix
Developer:  Square Enix

Travel through time back to the glorious medieval era, set foot on Crystal, a great kingdom now dragged into the verge of destruction, repel all malicious intrusions and collect the lost treasures, and finally restore the erstwhile magnificence to your beloved kingdom!

You assume the role as a valiant knight who swears to defend to death your highness, people and land. The enemies can be wicked burglars, evil witches, dark cavaliers etc. They are all jealous of Crystal’s inexhaustible treasure and want a big slice of it. Be poised to enter into furious fight at any moment! You can unlock many achievements and get the former glory back.

It’s up to you how you want to play KNIGHTS OF THE CRYSTALS–the choice is yours! You can try to collect all the legendary artifacts (Treasure), create the world’s strongest player character, gather the most companions, or build a powerful Guild. It’s your game, so you decide!

But whatever your approach, you will have to fight many battles and complete lots of different quests,
carefully explore the world, discover new things, and reach your goals with your own skill and cunning!

The Arena is divided into a total of thirty floors. Rack up a certain number of victories and you’ll descend to deeper levels of the Arena. The further down you go, the more sumptuous and stunning the rewards.

– Arena Combat

Fighting in the Arena will not cost you Battle Power (BP), but you can only visit the arena once per 6hours. Usually, you will fight a maximum of three times when you hit the Arena, although you can use Fate Points to increase this number. When you meet the required number of victories, you’ll clear that level. If you wait for a while, your number of chances to hit the Arena will be restored. The start time for the next challenge is displayed on the main Arena menu.

– Team Battles

Arena battles take place between teams created by selecting three Job Cards. Each team member fights their corresponding foe one-on-one, so victory goes to the first team to wins two battles out of a total three. Damage inflicted by each combatant is compared, and victory goes to the hardest hitter.

* The number of companions and items you have makes no difference in the Arena! Your best bet is to have jobs boasting high levels of both attack and defense or a high level of job proficiency.

You can prepare teams in advance, and also switch members prior to battle. Pay attention to your foe’s stats and choose solid jobs to gain victory.

– Doing Battle

The attack styles for jobs are divided broadly into 3 types Some foes can stand up to certain attacks, while others are more vulnerable. This means you can inflict serious damage on thin-skinned enemies, while others
won’t bat an eyelid at your assaults.

Take careful note of your enemies’ attack styles and draft the perfect team.


Some rewards for completing collections have been changed from Classes to equippable items. You will be able to keep any Class artifacts (the “Spirit of…” series) you’ve already acquired. However, you will not be able to obtain any more of these in the new version.


When you participate in quests or head-to-head battles, you may occasionally obtain very rare materials known as “treasure.” If you collect all the individual pieces of a single material, you will receive a Treasure Item as a reward for completing the collection.

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