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Knights of the Sky

Knights of the Sky

Release Date:  01/13/2012
Publisher:  Atlus Online
Genre:  MMORTS

Enter the fantastical world of Odyssya, where the Federation and Empire war for dominance. Beasts roam the wilderness, peasants tend to the farmlands, and Sky Castles rule the heavens!

Set in the fantasy world of Odyssya, Knights of the Sky is a browser-based MMORTS presented by Atlus Online, widely known as the publisher of Pandora Saga. The closed beta starts on January 13, 2012. In Knights of the Sky, players should make an exploration of the influential career of lord and they can expand their influence through participating in PVP battles, uncovering PVE mysteries and colonizing other sky castles.

Like a MMO, Knights of the Sky also features a selection of six soldier classes, and hero units. Players could train their units and bring them into battlefield. One of most important factors, however, is the resources points that should be gained via levelup.

From the official overview and screenshots available, we are assuming this game is something of Skylancer we covered the other day because both of games take on the floating castle building and strategy deploying.


Generally, Knights of the Sky is similar to a lot of browser games out there, in which you harvest resources by constructing resource-yielding buildings, and unlock technologies by constructing corresponding buildings. However, when I got to play the game and immerse myself into Knights of the Sky a little further, I found myself enjoy the game which was done by a groups of guys thinking outside the box with their game design. In many other same types of games, you are just thrown into a random land of the world, not of your own choice. You will find yourself too vulnerable and helpless, because you would most likely surrounded by groups of aggressive players. Then you would probably arm yourself to teeth to keep from getting plundered. However in this game, you are cast out in a random plot of location in your own nation, so that you can stay peacefully with your allies. Furthermore, you own a flying castle, which means you can move it freely. If you get spotted by aggressive enemies, just simply deploy your castle closer to you allies, so can at least get rid of those menacing opponents at very early stages of the game. Additionally, to attack an enemy, you have to load your troops into the aircraft, which can also be manually controlled in wilderness map. The other sweet setting in the game is the tech trees. However, unlike StarCraft-like RTS games, in this game, technologies do not branch into several others, which is much simplified and less complex-dependant on each other.

The city-building is relatively boring and slow, as you do not have enough strength to challenge other players at the beginning. But the game offers a wide scope of quests covering from the standard increase your building level to certain level, to kill a certain amount of neutral armies in wilderness map. They are mostly easy and the quests rewards are also helpful for a beginner.

The emphasis in Knights of the Sky on the role of heroes is also unprecedented. Heroes are ranged in four primary rarity levels: white green blue and purple, and are recruited in tavern. Leveling-up the tavern grants better chance to get rarer heroes, and can also shorten the cool-down time of refreshing standby heroes. They can be leveled up, equipped with gears, allocated with attribute points which give your battle units ability boost, or assigned with talent points, all of which gave me a more RPG feel to the game.

Speaking of the combat, it features the square-grid movement system for a turn based style, and you of course are able to freely move your units. Any one who played those old school RPG like Heroes of Might and Magic will know how it works. Never look down upon the well-designed AI, as they are always trying to wildly flank your weakest long-ranged units, if they are not well covered. The AI performance is better than some others I played before. Besides, the game allows you to choose whether you’d like to skip the manual control and let AI to handle it. From my experiences, AI is much good at handling weaker mobs in wilderness maps. But when you face off enemy heroes, it’s recommended to do it manually unless you have an overwhelming quantity of troops.

Knights of the Sky is very ambitious game taken on the web-browser based genre. As far as I can see it has delivered some innovative ideas and I can find little negative to complain. So if you are a strategy game fan you get to give it a shot and it has a bunch of surprise stored for you. One more point, once you start your journey in the game, you’d tolerate the slow pace of it, because it’s just the start of fun.

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