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Knight’s Story Review

Sara Lau
Apr 29,2011  07:04 by

How legendary and fascinating the era of knight is! In Knight’s Story, you assume the role as a young knight who has just inherited a castle estate. At first, you can customize the knight and his steed with various options. Then you set out to explore your vast land, defeat the vicious beasts, and bring light to the dark world.

When you confront with threatening wild monsters, you have freedom of choice, namely, attack, bribe and flee. The only aim of your adventure is to expand your land into a mighty empire. Therefore, you accept quests and engage in stimulating adventures to earn experience and coins with which to build your land.

If you like Zynga’s Treasure Isle, or other Facebook games like empire building, you may be interested in Knight’s Story with both heroic knight spirit and castle building!

While if you like to play console quality and fast-paced racing mmo games and shooting games, avoid this game.

Reviews from Facebook Players:

1) It’s in beta testing, so there were way too many bugs, plus the game was too slow (Maybe that is because the server is powered by Cloud computing servers). I really tried giving it a chance, but you couldn’t do anything in the game before you ran out of energy. I don’ t know if it gets better with leveling, but I got too bored and wouldn’t be willing to put in the weeks it would take to level only to find out that it stayed the same.

2) Really enjoying the game, but need dark keys and cant get any so thats holding my progress up, a few suggestions include letting energy refill quicker as i can use all energy in 1 fight which only reveals 1 square, could do with be able to see which neighbours i have visited and collected from too

3) This is a good game. The developers address issues quickly and are responsive to new suggestions. It does need to develop a way to post on our walls for items we need so neighbors can just click. It would also help if the clicker is rewarded. Right now the only way to ask for items is to contact neighbors directly.

4) The game does not need you to purchase FB credits, the items can be found in new level maps. It’s not for everyone as there is a lot of ‘long term’ playing, you may not finish a map before moving to the next one. So the “instant gratification” that many FB games have is absent in this game. If you don’t mind taking a longer view though, you may enjoy this game.

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