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Release Date:  2010
Genre:  Simulation

Koyotl is a 3D Browser MMO that is developed by Upjers. Originally released for German Market in 2010, the game is now in open beta for worldwide gamers.  In Koyotl, Player could experience an action-packed adventure full of American myths. By relying on new 3D graphics rendering technology, Upjers offers players a mixed culture in-game with America and India.

In the 3D browser MMO role-playing game Koyotl, players create their own characters to brave through the Evil world where the evil creatures and hideous enemies are standing in their way. The players encounter all evil-minded creatures, such as light spirits, wolves, and golem.

The players have to face the dangers in the world of Koyotl because those who fight along in the dungeons will never work well. Instead, co-campaigns, or teamwork turns out to be an encouraging tactic. Two friends can support each other in the fight against the hostile creatures. But if you prefer to compete with other players, you can directly go to PvP arena for duels and contests, eye to eye, face to face.


If time permits, I can play Koyotl for a whole day. Not a game for the hardcores seeking for fierce challenges, it is more suitable for casual gamers who prefer comfy and dynamic style. And since it is browser-based, we can easily access to it without any download.

Koyotl presents a cartoonish style, which is shown initially from the character creation and the tone-setting storyline. To create an in-game character is practically to select a race, with the other three aspects including name, face and skin color less important. Three races are available, listed as Raven, Bear and Badger; and each race has one special element, such as frost for Raven and stone for Badger, which will decide the skill type and corresponding visual effect. And these three races are not at war with each other; instead all will fight against the hostile Lizard causing pain and fear to the rest.

Its 3D gaming world also goes well with the cartoon style. Unlike the exquisite artwork in Golden Age, the in-game graphics share great similarity to Eden Eternal. When our character moves on in it, varied scenarios roll out one by one smoothly with detailed designs to make the world live and vivid. When we head to slay Brock (a boss lizard), we enter the Ploat’s Lair, where we would not only defeat several minor lizards but may also trigger traps that incur stones to fall down or spear to shoot out. Moreover, different scenes will have its own animated designs, such as dropping water in the cave and floating snowflake in the icy wilderness.

Sound effect is not bad either. The keynote flows placidly like a river while we are in the main city of Three Winds or on traveling journey, but will change into a tenser rhythm full of beat to herald the enemy monsters waiting ahead. It sounds all right, but it’s a pity for the absence of variety. Besides the background melody, various sound effects such as barks of escorting Brutus (a fighting dog) and bubbles breaking (when enemies die to become bubbles), do their bits to make the world felt like real.

After taking quests from the Hall of the Elders in the main city, we need to travel to required destinations. It doesn’t offer complete auto-walk that locates us to the right place by simply clicking the quest log. We need to refer to the compass and find the path that leads to the Portal rather than the final destination. On our way, couples of monsters will invariably stay halfway to provoke fighting, with no alternative choice to skip. We simply cannot resume our journey unless defeating them. And once arriving at the Portal, our character travels to the destination: we have nothing better to do but wait for the interface to change. Long traveling time is annoying, and the high frequency makes it even more so.

Turn-based combat has a basic formula for all, no matter it is against common or boss rivals. We have a standard attack and a special attack in the beginning, with more able to unlock if we earn more skill points to distribute. Normal attack brings about Mana, which in turn activate the special types. For instance, Wrath of the Elders is a wild powerful attack for Badger, which inflicts 40% more damage on enemies but costs 50 Mana. Besides Mana, every character also carries stats of Life and Exhaustion that have influence on every fight. Simply put, when life bar zeroes out, we die and when exhaustion bar is full, we freeze up. And these stats will upgrade with characters’ levels.

It normally takes a few rounds to end one battle: five or six rounds of blow are needed even to kill the most common lizard. So it gradually becomes dragging, for all combat plays like the same and we simply fight too often. If we win the battle, we can pick up various loots ranging from health recovery potion to Skirmish token (ticket to enter Skirmish mode in arena) and to item pieces(such as a ring, Wolf’s Head or leather gloves) that can be equipped into characters boosting certain attributes. (In addition to loots, we can also gain some items by smashing the clay pots scattered in various maps.) We may also die if our health bar drops to zero, and can wake up in the very spot after a few seconds.

Quests are combat-oriented, sending us out to defeat the lizard’s champion here and slay wild boars there. And there is also VIP quests that are only available to players who are willing to spend a certain amount of Cocoa Beans, the in-game premium currency. If we pay 29 cocoa beans, we can join the daily sparring session with Palatau, for example. And certainly, Cocoa Bean’s play doesn’t stop here: several hours’ play will fulfill your exhaustion bar, which can only be effectively reduced by spending the premium currency; otherwise, we have to wait, for 18 hours will deplete it.

It seems the only way to gain XP and level up to follow the quest line slaying various monsters. Only by level up can we get access to more skills, equipment and new playable contents, say, playing with other players in arena to skirmish or raid.

In arena, we can enlist other players as friends, invite them to raid or challenge them to a skirmish (only if we have at least two skirmish tokens). We can set difficulties for the combat here; and other players may accept or reject the varied invitation. Still, the combat is like those in the quest. Just take a look at the Raid mode. To raid with another player, we enter the arena to battle against common enemies in three successive scenes, but basically all is same with when we fight alone: take turn to fight and pick up the loot then. Based on these, you can have a safe guess about its skirmish and even PvP.

Koyotl is an animated game that relies heavily on action, but it is definitely not one that will pump blood into the heart. It’s casual and it’s inviting.

Official website: http://www.koyotl.com/

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  2. Corrector says:

    Hey, just a few minor corrections: the game’s setting has nothing to do with India, it’s inspired by native American cultures – “Indians”.

    The publisher is Upjers and the developers are Upjers and Jo-Mei GmbH.

    Also, there’s something wrong with this fragment (among others): “The 3D online RPG can are completely free “.

    Best regards.

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  4. A player says:

    That game is good,but the exhaustion bar sucks,i can only play 5 minutes of game,without the exhaustion bar be filled up.

  5. Toruk..vagyok says:


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