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L.A.W: Living After War

L.A.W: Living After War

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L.A.W – Living After War, developed by Korea-based NitroZen studio, is a Sci-Fi fantasy action MMORPG that is also blended with real-time strategy. At present, this game is still in development, and its beta testing schedule also varies from publisher to publisher in different regions. And its European publisher Alaplaya has just announced its closed beta set in early 2012.

Earth, 2350. The unclear war has devastated the earth into ruins and depopulated all races except Human and the Nak, for mankind fled away the planet by Tomorrow spaceship 200 years ago and the Nak survived the radiation, evolving into a mutant nature-loving race. Years of peace is broken once again by the return of Human beings. As defender and conqueror respectively, Nak and Human races are going to fight for the occupation of limited mineral resources and restore the civilization of Earth. Against this futuristic background, L.A.W – Living After War is coming.

As illustrated in the back story, players will choose between the two factions: Human or the Nak. No matter which race they role-play, gamers can equally select favorite class for their avatars out of three types which include Warrior, Assassin and Elementalist. Warriors have unmatchable physical attack and defense ability assisted by sword, axe and blunt; Assassins can not only land lethal blows on enemy with dagger swiftly and stealthily but also support teammates with bow and musket in long-distance; and Elementalists are able to use elements proficiently, summon robots and excise healing powers as well.

Limited as it seems, the profession system allows players to forge distinctive characters of one’s own through the intricate skill tree design. With the operation of WASD keys or mouse, players can easily control their avatars’ movement and combat. Besides, players in this game are able to make full use of vehicles including tanks and helicopters to enhance fighting performance as well as the tactics-maneuvering.

As PvP wars over mineral resource come in all scales, players will unavoidably set up defensive towers and engage in real-time combat. There are great odds for small David to defeat the giant Goliath, only if the right strategy is applied. And those hard-gained resources are very helpful in the upgrade of weapons and other items. Besides, in PvP, rage index is introduced to this game so that players, once fully filling the Rage bar, will be able to excise Combo to cause damage to the greatest extent. And players can also try their luck in the Gambling system to bet on the potential winner of a fight.

Apart from the factional war between Human and Nak, there are also hundreds of monster bosses lurking in the instance dungeons and countless NPCs known as bloodthirsty Shamaks wandering every corners of the earth. In this hostile, harsh world, can you live after wars?

Alaplaya (Argo Online) will have full distribution to publish this game.

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