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La Riviera – Slot Machines

La Riviera – Slot Machines

Release Date:  July 2012
Publisher:  6Waves
Developer:  Mandala
Genre:  Slot Machine

Like many other slot machine games, La Rviera – Slot Machines is a Facebook-based Slot Machine game that enables players to bet on a machine of five reels, each with three symbols on it. After each spin, if the same symbols stopped in the specified lines you have placed your bet on, which might be straight or zigzag, you are rewarded with a certain amount of money.

And as is known to those who are familiar with slot machines, the more lines you place your bet on, the more likely you are going to gain and the more you will gain, though that also means you have to pay more for the bets. In La Riviera, you could press MAX LINE button to bet on all lines to achieve the maximum profits.

Some special symbols present themselves sometimes, referring to Scatter Mode, Jackpot, and Bonus Game respectively. And once you have three or more of those symbols in a line, the Scatter Mode or the Bonus Game is triggered, or you might get the Jackpot of the concerned slot machine. For example, you might gain 7,759,446 if you ever hit the Jackpot for Gambling Cleopatra.

Bonus games in different slot machines differ from each other: in Ranch of Luck, you are asked to randomly click five of the bottles with coins of various amounts inside. While in Gambling Cleopatra, you are asked to place bet on one of the beetles, and then they would race. Different places in the race would lead to different amounts of rewards. The first place, for example, gets 6,000 coins while the last only 400. In Pirates Attack, however, you will pick up one from the selection of islands and then dig up holes to discover and claim coins in the hidden chests.

In Scatter Mode, you may get 5 or 10 free spins, which are performed automatically and in this way, you may get scores of or hundreds of coins.

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