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Lady Popular

Lady Popular

Release Date:  2011
Publisher:  Lady Popular
Developer:  Lady Popular
Genre:  Strategy

Girls, do you want to be the fashion icon? Do you want to change your fashion style everyday? Because of insufficiency of money, you cannot realize your dreams in life. However, in the Lady Popular game, all your dreams can be realized. The players enjoy the freedom to choose their favorite fashion style as well as their career, even boyfriends.

Generally speaking, online games are full of fierce fight, which will rarely attract girls’ attention. The majority of players of online games are boys. However, the Lady Popular has achieved tremendous success in European market in attracting girls’ attention. The game is a simulation of real life, which is characteristic of imagination, fashion, ideal life. Players can create a second self in the game. The subjunctive self will follow the players’ will to realize the impossible dream in real life.

Players are free to choose any part of their physical body. They can choose their favorite eye makeup, eyebrow style as well as the lip style. The hairstyle can be changed at the player’s will. All the fashionable elements can be added in the game. Players can easily be the fashionable guy in the game world.

The game can provide rich and colorful life for the players. Just like in the real world, players can purchase or rent their apartment, whose status will also be revealed. This is also the unique feature of this game. The subjunctive lady can also take a walk in the park, do physical exercises in the gym, absorb knowledge in the library, and even dance in DISCO with players. Players can choose either occupation for her/his subjunctive lady. Different occupations will gain different earnings. But all their career journeys should start with baker.
Boyfriend plays a vital role in Lady’s world. At different stage, Ladies will have different boyfriends. Their boyfriends can be university students, cashiers, musicians, etc. Players can choose either occupation for Ladies’ boyfriends at their own will.

Ladies in the game world should not only be dressed fashionably, but also be required to acquire wisdom and knowledge. Players can train their Ladies to do puzzle games or SUDUKKU, etc.

Ladies in the game world will also feel tired, hungry, thirsty, and sick. Players should burden the responsibilities to take care of ladies.

On each Wednesday, game will present the list of candidate ladies who run the fashion campaign. Players can vote, exchange their opinions. The top three will have the chance to join in the fashion show.

In my analysis, the popularity of Lady Popular lies in the following aspects: first of all, it is much easier to realize players’ dreams in the game world, as they can easily become the fashion icon in the virtual world. Secondly, this game never fails to provide fun to players, which will help them relieve their pressure in their real life. Another reason I think is that players can gain the sense of achievement easily in the game world.

Official website http://ladypopular.com/

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  1. lucy says:

    how do you make a boy on lady poupler

  2. lucy says:

    cuase my cousion who is A BOY AND WANTS TO BE A BOY ON LADY POUPLER

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