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Land of Chaos Online

Land of Chaos Online

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  Burda:ic
Developer:  Danal
Genre:  Strategy

Land Of Chaos Online (LOCO) is a fantasy online game blending RPG, strategy and Action. The game is released in August, 2010.


We have undoubtedly witnessed the importation and localization of free-to-play Asian games for myriad times, most of which are brazen clones of some famous titles with nothing new to offer. So when we first heard “Land of Chaos Online”, an action strategy game developed by Korea-based KTH, we thought this would be another tasteless monster-bashing title that comingled some cliché features of its 50 predecessors. But we soon realized that LOCO, for short, is quite different from most low quality duplicates.

LOCO shares more or less similarities with DotA in terms of gameplay. As we all know, DotA is short for Defense of the Ancient, a very popular game that cleverly combines strategy and RPG elements. So LOCO must also incorporate many captivating features. In the game, two teams of players march into an open world with the aim of destroying the base of their opponents. To reach the enemy headquarters, you have to resort to some intelligent strategies and vanquish all the NPCs standing in your way. Meanwhile, it is equally important to protect your own base by using some defensive measures. As you delve deeper in the game, your character will evolve step by step and become increasingly stronger, providing a motivation in the long haul.

Needless to say, you start the game by creating your own hero. But it is inappropriate to use the word “creation” because you only need to choose one from fifteen available options. Some characters are visually appealing, like magicians; some are more gifted at launching melee attacks; and some tend to be eclectic with great charisma. In short, everything depends on your individual taste. Of course, you also have access to some customizable options, like hair colors.

As for the equipment, you will be given a complete set at the beginning, so feel free to kick off the game! In Land of Chaos Online, you don’t have the opportunity to carry out a quest while talking to a NPC. As a result, everything proceeds in a fast pace.

In fact, you can immediately start your first quest, because efficiency is the sinews of war in LOCO. There is a timer in your base, promoting you to prepare carefully. It is necessary to set up some fortified buildings at all costs so as to fend off enemy attacks. The most important building is undoubtedly your HQ, but you should also pay attention to your temple which allows you to quickly regain Hit Points and Magic Points. Besides, it is also essential to erect a series of defense towers and training centers to boost up your abilities. Obviously, your opponents’ base consists of the same elements. And things will get pretty complicated when two bases are separated and divided into several realms by a large neutral area. Therefore, you need to adopt a consistent tactical strategy alongside your team members and launch surprise attacks against your enemies from time to time. And it goes without saying that it is definitely a bad strategy to rush headlong recklessly.

You have only limited powers and skills at the beginning, which means that you have to level up by gaining experience. With the passage of time, you will earn EXP points gradually by killing NPCs and vanquishing enemy players. Additionally, you can unlock some advanced skills that can be placed in your shortcut bar. In order to build a balanced team, you need to communicate with your teammates in a timely manner so as to allot specific tasks to each one in the squad.

You should also take economic management into account in this game. For example, you can earn more money by conquering some key locations in the neutral zone, thus taking advantage of your opponents. Land of Chaos Online also incorporates a crafting system that allows you to manufacture new items at any time, but you can also purchase the already existing ones if you are rich enough. Sometimes, you will be granted with some additional bonuses, such as a period of invincibility, a boost of skills, and some HP or MP. Those prizes can be used strategically to overcome some critical moments. Besides, it may take a certain time for you to resurrect from each death according to your level. The higher your level is, the shorter you need to wait.

Land of Chaos Online brags itself as a strategy game, but we feel somewhat disillusioned after playing it for a long time. The combat proceeds rather straightforward, even though different skills have quite different effects. And the profusion of visual effects on the screen makes the whole adventure a little bit puzzling. Gradually, we figure out that the key to success in LOCO lies not in your strategic deployment, but in the cohesion of your teammates. The most united team tends to win the final success. However, one problem is that if all members are thinking in the same way at the same time, the whole situation may be dragged into an incomprehensible mess, bringing about some uncertain outcomes. This is rather unfortunate, especially since the title is truly exhilarating.

The in-game store is probably an indispensable part of virtually all online games. In LOCO, you can buy tokens in exchange for more powerful gears and even a complete set of outfits. At the end of each fight, a special object will be auctioned, and only players of the winning team can participate in the bid. The object is often a magic jewel that can be inserted into a piece of equipment to increase its overall capacity. As you progress, your hero can be customized and transformed to your liking. There is no doubt that LOCO is an outstanding title in the genre and it works pretty well in all aspects. However, the game is still in want of some balances to deal with messy and annoying blemishes. No matter what, it deserves a try or two.


Thanks to the endeavors of developers, Land of Chaos Online possesses pretty nice textures and graphics. And the character design is also worth mentioning, presenting charming images of avatars as well as innovative portraits of clothes. But still, the game is denounced by some critics for its visual effects of uneven quality.


As mentioned above, the gameplay of LOCO is similar to that of Defense of the Ancients. Of course, LOCO has its own characteristics, but they are pretty well adapted to the overall format of the game. Regarding the management of outfits and upgrades, everything is deliberately simplified to make room for the core part of the game, that is, the combat.


It is difficult to assess the life period of such a game because it mainly depends on its community. Currently, all MMORPGs share more or less similarities, so we are not sure about the outlook of this game. Land of Chaos Online includes the Deathmatch mode, but the battles are so rough that I have virtually no real interest in it.


We can not help but become skeptical about the developer’s choice of music in this game. The quality of songs leaves much to be desired, especially the coherence to the ongoing events. More often than not, the music is in stark contrast to what is happening in the virtual world. Anyway, let’s just say that we don’t expect this kind of music, but at least, it has the merit to make some changes.


The background settings of LOCO vary from each other. As far as I can see, the scenarios are full of imagination and fantasy elements. If you want to gain a brief view about it, you can choose to look at the game’s screenshots.


As a solid strategy MMORPG, Land of Chaos Online is likely to appeal to many players. Though it is totally free to play, it offers great gaming experience with intimate team play and bountiful rewards. The combat may displease a lot of players in the long run, but this game is definitely worth a try owing to its catchy principle.


Positive: LOCO – Land of Chaos Online can show off with an interesting mix of 3rd-person shooter role-playing and strategy. The individual matches run very differently, because each team operates differently. Until you learn the strengths and weaknesses of your hero, passes some time, you could knows  how much depth of play is in the game.

There are plenty of modes, characters and maps to choose from. The graphic does not need to hide. While it is not Crysis 2, but when you see all the graphic settings turn up fully LOCO – Land of Chaos online from quite respectable.

Negative: LOCO – Land of Chaos Online is not for single player. It is a pure action-MMO, and requires a high level of team play. A technical problem is there with the camera work and sprinting. If you want such as corners, the camera must not be re-directed straight to the character before you can activate “Sprint”. This is, in many cases, will lead to death.

Conclusion: A crazy MMO? Perhaps the insanity of some parts give the impression of action game. Much more, these are nothing but a thoughtful game concept. are bored for team players who seek a blend of action and role-playing, or DotA, LOCO – Land of Chaos Online offers many hours of entertainment. Anyone who are fond of tactics and interaction has not got anything should be considering this new mmorpg LOCO.

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