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Langrisser Schwarz

Langrisser Schwarz

Release Date:  2012 (Coming Soon)
Publisher:  Gamania
Developer:  Gamania
Genre:  MMORPG

Langrisser Schwarz is a Langrisser-adapted MMORPG being developed by Taiwan-based Gamania, the maker of Core Blaze, and Tiara Concerto. It was firstly announced in 2010 Tokyo Game Show and in September 2011, the game displayed at  the 2011 Gamania Game Show.


It seems that Asian developers have been paying attention to incorporating some Western or European heritage in their games, for example, the upcoming anime-style MMO with an idiosyncratic title Langrisser Schwarz. Of course, it is nearly impossible to figure out what lies behind this game judging from its eerie name.

In fact, the name is not completely unknown. Langrisser, a mix of strategy and role-playing, was published by a Japanese development team 20 years ago. After numerous sequels and countless copies, it is now reborn as a MMORPG. Actually, it has become a common practice to import and revamp existing brands in the game market. () Hopefully, Gamania can maintain the original framework and background story while adding some refreshing elements.

In the old version, players will be automatically allocated to the side of light, but now you can choose among three factions: the Empire, the forces of darkness and the defenders of the light. All races differ from each other in terms of stories, objectives, mandates and motivations. In short, whatever you select, you will get a completely different gaming experience. When you are confronted with three equally attractive choices, you will probably get overwhelmed. But don’t worry because you will be helped by a decision aid, that is, the goddess Lushiris who poses a few questions and gives a hint of which faction you should join depending on your answers. For sure, all decisions are made on a voluntary basis, so it’s still up to you to determine your future path. If you want to take part in the Empire, no one will force you to fight for the forces of darkness.

In the phase of character creation, you will also be given various options. In detail, there are six playable classes and paths, including the Warrior, the Ranger, the Guardian, the Archer, the Magician and the Priest. As you delve deeper in the game, you will gather up a lot of training points which can be invested in new professions. Furthermore, when you have achieved the highest level of your current vocation, you can switch back to a previous one while still retaining your acquired skills. This innovative feature is called Regeneration that gives you the opportunity to experience other classes’ adventures.

Another feature is the Mercenary system which allows you to hire mercenaries to assist you in battles. Of course, it makes sense to choose warriors who can complement the shortcomings of your own class. So if you are a melee healer, you are advised to select ax-wielding soldiers. Your entourage can be commanded by clicking on the keyboard shortcuts to either launch an attack or put on alert. It is important to know that the power of mercenaries adheres to the stone-paper-scissors principle. No one is in an absolutely advantageous or disadvantageous position, which is also the case with weapons. For example, a cavalry sword is simple, but it can be used by superior fighters to repel spear carriers out of the saddle within seconds. This is especially important during large PvP battles, because team members need to coordinate with each other.

Seeing is believing, so together with my colleagues, I managed to enter into an instance exploration. The gloomy dungeon is divided into various small maps where hordes of intermediate bosses keep emerging out of thin air. To set foot on the next map, you have to complete all the quests in the present arena. The maps are kept in a straight way without twists and turns, so many players will gradually lose the spirit of discovery as well as their intellectual curiosity.

Graphically, the game can not deny its origins because it is not a typical thing to find women wearing tight skirts and bulging necklines in other games. Generally speaking, the developer provides an overall coherent visual effect. Anyone who is fond of anime MMO will definitely be attracted to this game.

In essence, Langrisser Schwarz still pays great emphasis on PVE and PVP combat. It is easy to cast a spell against your foes or send out commands to your entourage with a mouse and a keyboard or a simple gamepad. Along the way, you can learn a series of skills. Besides, there are also magical cards that can be collected and used. These cards have up to 100 forms in the game, and each boasts its own particular effect.

When we finally accessed the face-off session, we summoned a mighty dragon, who destroyed our enemies with its scorching fire breath. Hooray! If you get bored, you can start off a journey in search of countless spells and delicate accessories with which you equip your character according to your personal preference.

To be fair, the Asian-style graphics of Langrisser Schwarz will not appeal to everyone. But if you stick to the game, you will quickly get mesmerized by its interesting features. For example, the mercenary system allows you to create a small army all by yourself and provides more or less tactical elements in PvP battles. Though PvE fights are not as thrilling as those in the PvP mode, they still possess lots of charm because each stage offers different interesting challenges for ambitious gamers.

Anyway, I only have access to a tiny potion of the whole game, so this can only count as an initial assessment. Now I’m quite curious about how the developer will proceed in this MMO. Will there be more various soldiers for us to hire, newly added classes to experience or individual spell cards to collect? We still don’t know the answer for certain, but we will keep an eye on the game and make you well-informed of all latest updates.

7 Comments on Langrisser Schwarz


  1. GameGod says:

    bad quality but the game seems nice

  2. jeffrey says:

    cool game.

  3. gamegodfails says:

    bad quality? are you shtting me? that quality is amazing go get your eyes check.

  4. unholydk says:

    id stick to playing wow. but i admit out of all the free mmos this one is by far the prettiest i have ever seen, ever. im already a fan. the music alone redone from what i remember on the snes is beautiful, even the fairy girl in the beginning menu who hosts the fate wizard from the old games was brought back. the art reminds me of xenogears, im definitely playing this one. gorgeous design!

  5. no name says:

    the gameplay looks abit different from the original langrisser..

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