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Last Chaos

Last Chaos

Release Date:  2009
Genre:  MMO, RPG, ARPG, Action

In this Chaosic world, people need a new ruler, who leads out of this chaos for a better future. You can act as a candidate to save the world and bring harmony back again. Set in the fantasy world, Last Chaos takes place in a beautifully crafted 3D backdrop where roughly 500,000 players has been online concurrently, and the fan base is growing steadily.

“Last Chaos” is a free to play MMORPG that features a fast-paced Action gameplay, and the stereophonic sound. With six classes such as Knight, Healer, Mage, Rogue, Titan and Sorcerer, each could be equipped with different weapons. For example, Sorcerer are capable of casting skills using the weapon Fallarm and Scythe.

As the title implies, Last Chaos throws you into the continent full of dangers, hazards, adventure and destruction. As a great hero who takes the responsibility, of course,  have to prove your courage in many battles and quests through countless adventures. Your chosen character will automatically levelup as you explore the world and slay monsters during your battle progress, boosting your reputation. In addition, you are able to put forth a set of items to trade with other players in the marketplace.

In the so-called private instances and dungeons, you should accept the quests assigned by the instance NPCs. For me, I would prefer to equip as much as potion in the exploration of the instances because it is quite different to address them since you will get handsome treasure and experience points. In the world of Last Chaos, you can either compete against computer opponents or other players.

Outside the towns, there are both personal and public dungeons. It is totally customizable for you to privately explore or team up with other players for an effective raid.

Like other online games such as Last Dynasty, and Jade Dynasty, Last Chaos also allows you to join a guild in the struggle to explore the continents side by side. Distribute your stat points wisely on the individual attributes, so you can bring you in all areas equally. Last Chaos is the ultimate adventure for fantasy fans and for those who want to become the final hero.

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