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Last Dynasty

Last Dynasty

Release Date:  2011/5/16
Developer:  Shanda
Genre:  MMO, RPG, Fantasy

The present situation remains tense and turbulent in the wake of vying for power in the Ancient China, but chaos always generates great hero defending civilian home and safeguarding their lives.

Last Dynasty, developed by China-based Shanda and published by Mail.ru, is a 2D free online MMORPG that was originally published in China in 2007. Due to the poorly executed gameplay, low quality graphics, and endless grinding quests, Last Dynasty earned too much criticism than acclaim. Not surprisingly, a 4-year-ago mmo is doomed to be dead.

Yet to my surprise, Russia-based Mail.ru took over the operation of Last Dynasty in North America and EU in hopes of squeezing money from the innocent players. Honestly, its trailer looks like a huge project that have not been seen before, but as you enter the game world, only to find modern technology and stunning graphics are few and far between.

From my deep heart, I hate Mail.ru since this Russian online game company does not devote itself into the game production and development, but resort to some little tricks that game Google using SEO.  As far as I know almost all of their published and publishing games are constructed for Google’s search engine using a couple of MMO-related keywords to attract potential players. Juggernaut Game, Last Dynasty, Canaan Online, Allods Online, and etc.

With 3 limited class selection Warrior, Hunter and Mage, Last Dynasty does not qualifies a new MMO that worth playing, and even it was already brought to the screen by Cherry Credits under the English Title Storm Online.

Here, I would introduce some basic gameplay for Last Dynasty for the sake of a small portion of players. Small as it is, Last Dynasty has all the gameplays of A free MMORPG including Dungeon, PVP, State War, Seige War, Stonghold takeover, Auto-Tracking System, Free Trading Zone, War-free Zone, and storyline and quest-based progression.

Depending on which mode you choose to join, you can team up or solo to slay monsters and PK other players. If you still need to claim more features, I would tell you nothing could be found at the moment, and in the future for it should be tossed into trash, no recovery!

Chinese official website: http://fy.sdo.com/

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  5. floyd says:

    cool game

  6. Dker says:

    theres something wrong with the last dynasty website

  7. nord1c says:

    works fine 🙂

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