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Le Vamp Review

Le Vamp Review

Release Date:  March 14 2013
Publisher:  High Voltage Software
Developer:  High Voltage Software
Genre:  Arcade

Le Vamp is a tense and interesting Parkour game from High Voltage Software. With original settings, picturesque artwork and rapid pace, the game promises players a fun run-and-grab experience; however it does not have much to recommend itself other than those.

Pros: beautiful visuals, interesting plot, and fast pace that delivers thrill
Cons: conventional Parkour gameplay; too many micro-payments

Le Vamp is perhaps pioneering a very daunting career of beautifying the images of those nefarious vampires. So far, the cause seems promising. In the game, you clear obstacles, slay monsters, lay bridges, collect foodstuff and gradually you sympathize with it– a vampire.

You can never imagine a vampire as cute as the one in Le Vamp, a disarming creature with pointed docile ears and dewy eyes. As a young vampire, he is as naughty and mischievous as millions of human boys of his age, but their fates runs reversely. The latter would be lovingly chastened and adored by adults while the young Le Vamp exposed his precious life to as many as 8 kinds of enemies by venturing out alone. Mobs with rods and spades are forever after him, Spudzies (a legendary plant) attack without mercy, and giant pumpkins threaten to stumble. What doubles his misfortune is that a gleam of sunlight will inflict death upon him and a small river surely leaves him to the lenience of his foes’ hands. Oh, vulnerable and poor boy! How could anyone have the heart not to give him a hand if he can?

The game is also visually stunning. You will be drawn instantly by the aesthetic scenes: dense forest permeated by light fog, undulating ground strewn with fallen leaves and fat blood pigs scrambling away for their dear lives…On the same par is the games’ soundtrack. The fast and not so high-pitched music provides chimes and beats for the little Le Vamp’s escape, making you realize you need to be fast in gathering blood from the pigs and removing obstacles and at the same time the background music will not overwhelm you with too great a sense of urgency. Apart form that, the pig’s snorting together with the chasing howling of the mob also successfully make us believe in this make-believe world.

However, less successful is its gameplay. There is nothing creative you can do. What you need to do is to tap, cut, yank and swipe like mad, so that your little vampire can be keep his narrow advantage. As per common for this genre, you need to pick up treasures along your way. In this case, they are the shinning francs, which are useful for upgrades. Interesting for this game is your updates are a whole array of morbid items, like bats and Sunblock.

Another annoying point is that all too often, however fast your fingers dance on the screen, you cannot secure the safety of your creature, as you simply lack enough powerups. That is where the monetizations seems make their victory. But for me, no way. If I cannot guarantee a cheap success, I will not waste my time. Expensive victory in this game just doesn’t appear so tempting for me.

All in all, this is a very original Parkour game touched with a macabre stroke. I would recommend it to those who are looking for something new in Parkour themes.

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