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League of Angels

League of Angels

Release Date:  Late 2013
Publisher:  GTArcade
Developer:  GTArcade
Genre:  MMORPG

UUZU is a relatively young Chinese company that has become a significant publisher and developer of both browser-based and mobile games over the four years since its founding. Its latest title is League of Angels, a browser-based MMORPG. League of Angels has been a huge success in China, so UUZU is bringing it to the US and Europe later this year. In League of Angels, players fight against the forces of darkness to save the beautiful angels that protect Etheria.

Very similar to a pantheon of gods, Etheria’s league of angels reigns over the various aspects of human life (the Angel of Water, the Angel of Love, the Angel of War, etc.). For thousands of years, the league of angels collectively ensured Etheria had peace and prosperity in exchange for humanity’s dedication. Whenever the forces of darkness descended upon Etheria, the angels would send them back to the shadows they came from. One day, the forces of darkness stole the Seal of Life which gave the angels their powers. One by one, the angels were being exterminated by the dark forces. They turned to humanity for help and the humans provided heroes dubbed “The Brave” to repay the angels for millenia of protection by leading them into battle against the darkness and by helping them reclaim the Seal of Life.

Each players is one of The Brave. Players can form parties with angels, very much like pets in other RPGs. However, League of Angels uses a unique “Holistic Leveling” system that makes the angels much more powerful and important than your typical RPG pet. The ability to upgrade specific aspects, skills, and team perks of your angels make them your most powerful weapon and the lifeblood of your party.

The artwork is a standout feature of League of Angels. Every angel and background are beautifully and meticulously hand-drawn. The art is designed to capture the tumultuous battle between beauty and despair that rages in Etheria.

Players can team up to form guilds or they can play against each other head-to-head. League of Angels features cross-server PvP, so you won’t have to create a new character just to play with your buddy who happens to be on a different server. UUZU has paid special attention to PvP, so there are many different game types — enjoy 3v3 arena battles, 5v5 King of the Hill, and 10v10 Capture the Flag.

6 Comments on League of Angels


  1. LordAce says:

    nice game

  2. not recommend says:

    1. Pay to Win game, you do not have real chances against wallet warriors. They shouldn't advertise at as a free game because it is not about skills and strategy but money.

    2. They support cyber bullying, especially paying customers are allowed to enjoy at the expence of others.

    3. They support slavery by teaching to children that it is okey.

  3. Wula says:

    I am playing this Fantasy MMORPG League of Angels right now. this art style and the story really attract me, i need someone to help me manage my Guild. If you wanna help me or play this game with me, just come AMZGame, and choose Server 7, my id is "wula", I am waiting for your calling!

  4. insatiable says:

    This game is so much fun! Go to proficient city Server 1 and with alot of players and start your own guild!
    you will rule the game!

  5. notamusing says:

    My main account was on R2Games server. During last Tycoon event in July 2015, second day of the event, I came to do my dailies and suddenly noticed that I had lost 3100 diamonds. I sent a ticket and after some effort got an answer from support team: according to them I had used those diamonds in November 2014, I was told to be more careful in the future and ticket was closed.

    I wouldn't recommend this game to anybody.

  6. rocko says:

    so sexy

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