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League of Legends

League of Legends

Release Date:  2009
Publisher:  Riot Games
Developer:  Riot Games
Genre:  action

Have you ever longed for a virtual space where friends keep your company to compete with foes who are neither too formidable to rob the gaming fun nor too feeble to ruin the sense of achievement? Now you can resolve all doubts and put faith in the game of League of Legends (LOL), which provides such a niche where you can team up with those great minds who think alike to participate in and win out wars against matching rivals to finally Laugh-Out-Loud (LOL).

League of Legends, a team-based, real-time strategy MMORPG, is a quality game made by a constellation of top designers from DotA Allstars. Although it is grounded on the DotA (Defense of the Ancients) style, this game stretches itself beyond to become a style of its own by its mixture of sizeable numbers of champions meaning hero units here, automobile matchmaking service, and special summon and rune system, etc. Highly applauded and welcomed, this game is now distributed mainly in North American, Europe and Asia with more areas under consideration.

Being session-based, this game is inclusive of four major modes to play, which are the Tutorial, Practical, Normal and Ranked. To enter this game, players are suggested to follow the common practice to start from the Tutorial mode which will lead players to the Proving Grounds to make acquaintance with the basic operations, champion abilities and the layout of the Field of Justice while at the same time to excise their green hands to warm up for the upcoming challenges. Once the tutorial is finished, players can try the practical mode in which players compete against “Bots” referring to the computer-controlled champions to get familiar with the actual competing matches that will follow in Normal and Ranked modes afterwards.

Before engaging in wars, players need to select champions that most suit their play styles based on abilities and attributes as well as choose assistant summon spells and rune book pages in the first place. Then well-prepared and suitably-equipped in high morale, players can take their champions to the Field of Justice. Two confronting teams will positioned at opposite sides of a map near their own base called “Nexus” which are guarded by scattering towers called “Turrets” along connecting “Lanes”. Assisted by troops of minions spawning from Nexus, players of rival teams will push forward confronting each other in various Lanes where they not only need to fight against each other, but also have to slay neutral monsters, and destroy guarding Turrets and Inhibitors located behind those towers at the end of Lanes. What’s more, at various areas grow patches of tall grass known as Brush, which can make whoever in it invisible to enemies, thusly allowing players to hide to set up ambushes or make quick escape. All in all, to win is the ultimate goal; and victory can be declared when the Nexus of one side is destroyed or one side surrenders.

With two major maps to explore and ever-expanding champions to add in, players will find engagement to League of Legends is simply irresistible.

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  2. […] League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game developed by Riot Games. Compared with traditional real-time strategy game, it can provide players more choice in terms of heroes, equipments, maps, scenes, and modes. Before players are engaged in the battle, they should firstly choose his mode out of three options, which is normal, practice and ranked. In the normal mode, the server matches up players of more or less equal skill level. Practice mode allows players to create their own sessions and properties. In comparison, ranked mode is only granted for high-level players. The high-tech auto match-making system enables the player to form the most powerful teams. The unique and advanced “Summoner” avatar system is sure to draw every player’s eyes. In League of Legends, players are formed into two teams, each of which are joined by one to five players. Each team sets out from the opposite end of a map, which is called Fields of Justice, and near a “Nexus”. […]

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  4. Troubleman says:

    Better than other DOTA clones/MOBAs but as you have to grind for weeks for each of the 100 or so characters, the fun is drained from the game.

    The Lore is good, the item system is streamlined. I just cant play for with any hope of aquiring more than of few champions, costing $15 dollars or about 100 games(each game lasts 30-60 minutes).

    DOTA2 may kill this game, as its going to be Free2Play.

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