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League of Legends: Champions, Battles, dotA, Tactics – All Dynamic

Sara Lau
Apr 24,2011  08:04 by

After a long wait, developers of DotA-Allstars published another great RTS League of Legends, which reached the peak of RTS genre. It is worthy of playing no matter in terms of fast pace, multi-strategies, team battle or mode design. Newly-added features deserve our participation, our devotion of time and energy. If you are not satisfied with League of Legends, then no online game existing will satisfy you.

League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) video game developed by Riot Games. Compared with traditional real-time strategy game, it can provide players more choice in terms of heroes, equipments, maps, scenes, and modes. Before players are engaged in the battle, they should firstly choose his mode out of three options, which is normal, practice and ranked. In the normal mode, the server matches up players of more or less equal skill level. Practice mode allows players to create their own sessions and properties. In comparison, ranked mode is only granted for high-level players. The high-tech auto match-making system enables the player to form the most powerful teams. The unique and advanced “Summoner” avatar system is sure to draw every player’s eyes. In League of Legends, players are formed into two teams, each of which are joined by one to five players. Each team sets out from the opposite end of a map, which is called Fields of Justice, and near a “Nexus”.

The ultimate goal of this game is to destroy enemy’s Nexus. The two teams’ Nexuses are connected by lanes. Along the lane to enemy’s Nexus, players must level up from killing the rival’s “Minions”(small NPCs that continuously spawn and destroy the other team) and buy equipment and armor to fortify the character. Each player controls a single champion. At the start of the battle, each player is entitled to pick up one from 72 champions in total to fight for him. Through killing enemy minions, champions and destroy enemy buildings, players can reach from level 1 to maximum level 18 and at the same time gain gold, with which they can buy powerful items. Some abilities and items also have the power to generate extra gold.

Constant level up and one accomplishment after another really bring gamer a sense of achievement. Working within a team, the player also has the chance to learn how to cooperate with others to generate the greatest influence. Many tactics and contents of the game remain a secret to many. The mysterious aspects of it are left for you to explore.

Official website: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/

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