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League of Warriors

League of Warriors

Release Date:  September, 2013
Publisher:  Social Point
Developer:  Social Point
Genre:  Strategy

League of Warriors is one of the latest entries in the seemingly endless stream of Clash of Clans clones. Admittedly, the gameplay traces back to the Facebook game, Backyard Monsters, but Clash of Clans (iOS and Android) might be a better comparison because it’s the most popular of the bunch right now and its refinements to the formula make it into most newcomers. League of Warriors is a Facebook-exclusive take on the modern, social-strategy game. Like so many of its cousins (including Clash of Clans, Throne Rush), it has a medieval fantasy setting.

The game is made from the developer of Dragon City.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or avoid free-to-play altogether), you’ve almost definitely played something that plays just like League of Warriors. In the remote case that you’re out of the loop, the basic premise of these games is to build up your own base while raiding other players’ bases for resources. You can construct a variety of buildings and train a variety of troops to fight for your cause. A good portion of your buildings are dedicated to generating and storing resources like gold and food. Another good portion of your buildings are defensive — either bulky walls that slow down enemy forces or automated towers that fire on units akin to Tower Defense games. The rest of your buildings serve as your base of operations, to train and store units, craft spells to be used on the battlefield, or interact with other players in a more friendly way than razing their base to the ground.

Every building and every unit can be upgraded. Each construction, training, craft, and upgrade takes real time to complete. Buildings get bulkier and unlock more content while units gain bulk, strength, and occasionally new abilities. It’s very much an exercise in chasing the carrot of the perfect city. There are always more buildings to construct, more troops to train, and more upgrades to research.

There’s a lot of competition and not much variety in this extremely narrow and rapidly saturating sub-genre. Any game that hopes to stand a chance has to do something to stand out. For League of Warriors, that something is dragons. Sure, Clash of Clans has dragons — and they’re powerful too, arguably the most powerful unit in the game. That said, the dragons in League of Warriors are even more powerful and even more specialized. You see, the dragons in League are more like heroes. You get three dragons and that’s it. When they die, instead of being lost forever, they take 30 minutes to heal and then they’re good to rain down fiery terror from the sky all over again.

League of Warriors has a unique building specifically for managing your winged beasties and it’s a part of your village from the get-go. The Dragon Castle serves as your dragons’ roost as well as where you’ll go to upgrade them into increasingly fearsome creatures. You start with the Fire Dragon, but upgrading your Dragon Castle unlocks the Green Dragon and upgrading it a second time unlocks the Dark Dragon. Each dragon has unique damage and health stats as well as two unique abilities. The Dragon Castle and the dragons themselves are extremely expensive to upgrade, but the payoff is huge. Given, the dragons are all fairly fragile so they’ll need good ground support to take out any anti-air towers.

Combat in League of Warriors works just like its predecessors. You compose an army of various units and deploy them onto the battlefield. Once deployed, you have no control over them and they’ll attack your enemy according to their own priorities (some units prioritize the closest building while others prioritize either your enemy’s defenses or resources). Each unit type serves its own role, with their varying attack priorities as well as differences in health, strength, and speed stats. Your mighty dragon is the exception. You can click around the map to choose where it will fly and what it will attack next. The dragon will fight on its own if you leave it alone, but putting some extra intelligence behind it can keep it out of the way of enemy towers that can target flying units.

The gameplay in League of Warriors is nearly identical to Clash of Clans and its ilk, but the addition of dragons really does make a big difference. It’s fun to have something to do once you’ve deployed all your units, especially when that something is controlling the most powerful unit on the field. It’s also nice to get such a powerful immortal unit right from the beginning — something that usually takes at least a couple months to attain in Clash of Clans. The dragons have really fun abilities including firing at three buildings simultaneously, summoning minions, and inspiring rage in all nearby friendly units.

The game has an impressively large campaign of 75 stages that spread across five differently themed islands. The campaign is an alright place to go on raids for precious food and gold, but the real heart of these games lies in the multiplayer. A ranking system uses medals to match two players of approximately equal skill. Laying waste to a base in the campaign feels great, but it feels so much better when you wipe out another player’s (don’t worry, the only permanent damage is that you steal a chunk of their resources). You’ll incur losses too, of course, but constantly updating your base’s layout to optimize its defenses is rewarding too.

League of Warriors uses gems that let you skip all timers as well as buy resources and extra builders. Having more builders lets you work on more buildings at the same time — and when you buy one you get to keep it for the rest of the game. You can buy large bundles of gems with your real-world money if you really want to, but League of Warriors is quite generous with its premium currency. You can find a few gems at a time by clearing out obstacles around your base (plants, stones, and dragon bones). There’s also a huge list of achievements and a long stream of missions you can tackle for handfuls of prize gems. The flow of gems comes in very small spurts, but those spurts add up if you can resist the urge to skip a timer. Saving gems for more builders is undoubtedly the best strategy.

The dragons are really the only meaningful thing that make League of Warriors stand apart from Clash of Clans. If you’re already invested in Clash on your mobile device, there’s probably no reason for you to jump ship or get into a second game that’s so similar. However, If you haven’t already poured weeks or months of your time into Clash of Clans, League of Warriors is a perfectly suitable alternative (assuming you spend enough time on a computer with Flash). Clash of Clans has been around longer, so it definitely has more content. Frankly though, the vast majority of that content advantage is at the tail-end of the game and most players never make it that far without dropping hundreds of dollars. I’m sure League of Warriors slows down in just the same way as your base reaches high levels, but it’s got a super-fun dragon that you can use in your first five minutes of playing. The dragons are a really great, if simple, twist in the gameplay formula that makes League of Warriors worth checking out. I think many players will enjoy having access to a hero unit without needing to invest 60+ days into the game.

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  1. crushinator says:

    for the love of god we understand you are getting paid off every time you mention clash of clans with the amount you spam it in every game but stop comparing these to it when itself is a shitty clone of much better games like bym

    we come here for game reviews not to read your paid views to influence people to play clash instead and act like it’s anything but a ripoff and praise it as the only game to play

  2. to: admin of facebook game "league of warriors"
    i have problem with my league of warriors account! i cant accessed it!
    please help me!

  3. henry says:

    this game is my faborate

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