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Legend of Edda

Legend of Edda

Release Date:  2010
Publisher:  EYASOFT
Developer:  EYASOFT
Genre:  fantasy

When it comes to war-themed games, you must have been reminiscent of the apparently heavily-equipped soldiers, and bloody scenes that are seemingly not children-agreeable. You might have always sought for a cute but strategic game suitable for all ages. But then you might wonder is this genre of game with distinct orientation really available? The answer is absolutely yes after you give Legend of Edda a shot.

Legend of Edda, a free-to-play MMORPG released by South Korea-based EYA Interactive, is a anemi styled game where players can indulge themselves in massive PvP battles. Players, playing as heroes, the descendent of gods, will experience series of challenges, trials, and battles on special maps. Of all the battles, the most interesting ones are the Sacred Treasure Battle, where players hunt for the precious sacred relics which can make them godly.

At the very beginning of logging in, you should choose your allegiance between two factions, Olympus and Titans. Once having determined the side to dedicate, you are left to select characters, which are categorized into three groups each of which includes two classes. Fighter Group consists of Warrior and Swordsman; Rogue Group is comprised of Assassin and Archer; while Mage Group is made up with Cleric and Wizard. These three groups excel in differentiated aspects. The first one excels in actual fighting with the competition of strength and endurance, the middle one in agility and vital blow while the last one in mischievous tricks and magic. You are granted to choose the character’s gender, hairstyle and color of eyes. All the characters are children-like, which may lead some players into doubting this game’s seriousness. Actually, when you zoom out the characters, they look just sleek. The main strategies of the characters, just like other traditional MMORPG, are simply point and click. At the earlier stage of it, players are required to kill 10 rats, which will earn them new skills in relation to original ones. Besides, players’ leveling up also generates skill points, with which to purchase skills from Skill Master. With the accumulated skills, players have greater opportunity in taking down enemies, either in the day-time battle or in the dark Dungeons.

Its innovative and perfect combination of prettiness and magnificence makes other war-themed games hard to outperform. Your blood gets heated the moment you get a glimpse of the mesmerizing graphics, and boiled the moment you indulge yourself into the bloody and massive battles. Maybe you keep complaining about the overwhelming cuteness, the fixed panning of cinema, but despite all these, Legend of Edda is a game deserving your try.

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