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Legend Warrior

Legend Warrior

Release Date:  July 26, 2012
Publisher:  DovoGame
Developer:  DovoGame
Genre:  RPG

Legend Warrior is a side-scrolling browser-based MMORPG released by Dovogame, the maker of Warflow and Business Tycoon Online. The closed beta of Legend Warrior start in July 26, 2012.

Set in the chaotic period during Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty in China, the game narrates a story about Chinese history while rendering it in a cute character perspective.

Featuring traditional Chinese hand-painting graphics, stunning skill effects and plenty of dungeons, Legend Warrior promises players choose one of three different classes (valiant, assassin, warlock) to explore the world.

The game currently is in closed beta. At first glance, this game remarkably resamples Warrior Saga and Mythic Saga released not long ago. Spending five minutes in the game, we found Legend Warrior takes on the same mechanics employed in Dawn of Darkness.


Legend Warrior is similar to Dawn of Darkness: Glory Calling! in terms of the gameplay. In this side-scrolling game, players will accept missions in towns and enter the concerned instance map. And then they will walk from left to right to come across and take down enemies in automatic and turn-based battles.

Perhaps Legend Warrior doesn’t have anything special enough regarding the gaming experience, but it does dazzle players with its astoundingly fine graphics. Not that they are 3D pictures. Actually, the so-called 2.5D animation takes a somewhat obscure and dreamy style. And the battle scenes, which are basically where your character would linger for most of the time, mix traditional Chinese wash painting and Japanese anime techniques, which ends up as a perfect feast on the eye.

But the scenes are not the only thing that’s eye-catching. Most characters are as charming and attractive as the protagonist, if not more fascinating. And they are woven into immersive stories. Between battles, players will also encounter and recruit acquaintances and defeated opponents. For example, the first one I hired was this beautiful girl in a traditional Korean dress. But before I was done admiring her beauty, she died and I lost her forever. I was shocked but I was entertained at the same time.

Enemies, however, don’t just come in various outfits. They launch differentiated attacks. Some of them carry swords while other fight with bare fists – wait, as a matter of fact, they might just slap your characters in the face. And given the fact that all the enemies you encounter after you’ve reached level 10 are way much stronger than your warriors, a single slap could still cost one fourth or third of your character’s HP.

And of course, the discrepancy in the levels of enemies and your characters makes it much harder to conquer them and complete quests, and furthermore, to level up. Sometimes, it is so difficult that you might have to upgrade your weapons, train your warriors and change the formations all the time just to defeat one group of enemies. That can be both challenging and frustrating.

Problems emerge, however, right from the challenging and frustrating battles. Since there are times when you are completely unable to defeat the targets and hence couldn’t complete the main quests, you would now and then accept other missions to accumulate experience and level up. But guess what? Almost all those quests ask you to revisit the instance maps you’ve just got through and to kill the bosses that you fortunately managed to defeat after so many failed attempts. In that way, you have to test your luck again (or more likely, again and again). And that more or less ruins the fun that the beautiful pictures and challenging battles have come to create.

Each character could only use one skill and you have to choose for the protagonist among the three available skills. Since mine is a warlock, I chose the so-called “Timely help” which helps heal the one with the smallest HP left in the team. But it turns out to be anything but timely in battles. The healing capability was self-serving for most of the time and it was often the case that the protagonist started the healing from the very second that a character died. But it is automatic combats we’re talking about and there’s nothing we can do other than try to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

The game also adopts unnecessarily complicated upgrade systems. Warriors, weapons, armors, skills, formations, inner force, and gems of assorted functions, can all be upgraded at the costs of coins, achievements, gems or even gold. Accordingly, you may resort to lots of countermeasures if you happen to lose in a battle. But still, the progression isn’t easy.

So, is there anything new in the gameplay of Legend Warrior? No. But is this game worth a try? Definitely yes.

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