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Legendary Champions

Legendary Champions

Release Date:  2007
Publisher:  Aeria Games
Developer:  Aeria Games
Genre:  fantasy

Let imagination do its magic and bring us to a world without boundaries, either of time or space. Here the battlefield is imbuing with household figures not only from history but also out of mythologies and legends. Just suppose what will become of the King Arthur-ruling England if Alexander the Great who conquered Greece wages war against it? Just imagine Dracula bears a grudge on Sinbad out of the Arabian Night, what kind of horror tale will be spun between the king of vampire and the courageous caption? Well, if interested, why not weave these bizarre but intriguing legends by yourself in Legendary Champions?

Developed by Aeria Games, Legendary Champions is a free-to-play action-packed MMORPG revolving around the theme of warfare. It is set in an originally created background in which barriers of time and geography is dissolving and an in-between space between reality and illusion is open for great personalities in history and myth to come into life. Thus, players can pick up their roles out of more than 60 heroes which are inclusive of Joan of Arc, Mulan, and Beowulf, just to name a few, apart from what mentioned above. Besides, players can highly personalize their own characters with over 10,000 articles of weapons, armors, costumes, trinkets and accessories, etc. With so many choices, it is beyond question that every player can possess a unique avatar in the true sense; even characters’ hair color can be chosen from a great palette.

After creating characters, players then need to select to their likings one of six offered classes which will define avatars’ skills and attributes such as strength, intelligence, heal, and so on. Once a class is set, it will remain constant and unalterable as players grind levels. Besides a character, a champion will also be chosen by players to transform into for a short period of time. Being powerful transformations with special abilities, champions will be used as super-creatures to confront stronger monsters and opponents. Also, players can unlock more additional champions as they level up following the storyline. While an iconic hero and a champion are at disposal, players can plunge into the epic wars, which can be PvE battles for players to gain initial experience and warm up for massive, open PvP combats in the instanced war zones. Moreover, in-game battlefield for champions is said to be DotA-inspired. In such type of battles, players-controlled champions will compete with aids of minions, tearing down rival team’s fires-erupting towers and destroy enemy’s base to win.

In this fantastic niche created in this game, players can take on historical or mythological figures to engage in solo quests, guild raids, intense PvP or DotA–styled battlefields. If action is in one’s blood, then one really should not miss Legendary Champions.

Note: We will feature a list of Dota MMOs soon, you will know all Dota-styled MMORPGs like League of Legends and Legendary Champions.

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  1. Neon says:

    Gosh I miss this game soooo much :'(

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